April 24, 2014

Annual Spring Sidewalk Sale – Sat. May 26th


Just before Mother’s Day every year Kim and I do some serious Spring cleaning and start going through TONS of boxes and pilesin preparation for our Annual Spring Sidewalk Sale. This is our biggest sale of the year.  As we go through things we sort them into different piles and than load up our tables.   These tables end up piled pretty high with:

  • Scrap wood pieces
  • TONS of vinyl
  • Lots and lots of finished projects Kim or made for one reason or another.
  • Partially finished projects
  • Overstock or discontinued craft kits.

There are also TONS of LDS Temple prints that we sale for unbelievably cheap that are slightly off color or have small rips.   There are also tons of the huge chunky frames that we use for our Temple Portraits that have small knicks or dents that we also sale for dirt cheao.  Seriously that is just a small sampling of the many treasures we find that need to be clearance out!!  Again


  Side Walk Sale 2013 coupon

In addition to the clearance items we also have a few of our regular priced items on sale.  This year all MDF Shaped Frames will be 20% off.

Frames 20% off

Home Accent Vinyl will be 20% off

In Store Sale - Vinyl 20% off

and all Chalk Board Art will be 20% off.

Chalkboard Art 20% off.

PLUS we will be handing out a coupon for 40% off one item that you will be able to bring back and use on another day!

This year we are also trying one more new thing.  During the sale we will also be hosting a craft class.  If you register for the class you get early access to the sale, starting at 9:30 instead of 10:00!!  The class is getting pretty full and we do expect it to be totally booked, so if you are wanting to attend don’t hesitate and register online TODAY!!  Registering is the only way to guarantee a spot in the class.

See you Saturday!! 

April 14, 2014

Monday Madness – Chunky Wood Easter Bunny


I loved this little guy from the moment I first saw his little wood self, but than Kim (rather forcefully) took him from me, gave him a light coat of our Antiqued White Craft Paint and than wiped him down with some stain from Minwax….and now I sleep with him every night.  Okay not really because he has to live at the store, but I did make one for myself so he could live on my Mantel.

Super Saturday Project Idea - Easter Bunny

DIY -Super Saturday Idea -  Chunky Wood Bunny 

He also looks really cute painted with some color and scrapbooked, oh and it doesn’t hurt to add a little ribbon around his neck.

This week you can add our new Chunky Wood Bunny to your Spring/Easter decor for 30% off.  Simply add him to you cart and use the coupon code BUNNYLOVE.  Just make sure you play by the rules (:

One per person please.  If you buy it online and select store pick up make sure you plan on picking it up in person.  10 available online and 10 available in the store.  Sold on a first come first basis.  Sale last until we run out or until Sun. at midnight, which ever come first!

March 29, 2014

New Start to Finish Craft Classes


We are excited to introduce a new type of class that we will be holding at the store in Sandy, Our Start to Finish craft class.  These classes will feature a single project that we will make…you guessed it start to finish.  The goal here is to make sure that by the end of the night you will take home a fabulous FINISHED project. These classes will also incorporate some more specific and difficult crafting techniques for you to learn.

DIY Super Saturday Idea - Photo Slider

Classes prices includes the project and all of the needed materials to finish the project.

Our first class will be on May 2nd and will feature our new Photo Slider project.  A perfect gift for Mother’s Day, and of course you can make more than one (time allowing). 

Space is limited and you MUST register and pay to guarantee your spot in the class.  You can register online or in the store.

March 25, 2014

Monday Madness – 35% off EASTER sign


Hello ladies.  Hopefully you are in full blown Spring and Easter decorating mode because we have a fun little treat for you.  This weeks Monday Madness deal (as can be found in the store as well as online) is 35% off our Happy Easter Cloud Sign.

Spring Super Saturday Project - Happy Easter Sign

 Reg. $13.95 THIS WEEK ONLY ON SALE FOR $9.06!!


Happy Easter SignI love these cloud shaped signs, I just like the trendy twist the put on the old sign idea.

Don’t forget all the fun little details, one per person, if you buy it online and select store pickup please plan on picking it up in person. 10 available online and 10 available in our store in Sandy.  Sold on a first come first serve basis.  Sale lasts until Sun. at midnight or until we run out, which ever comes first.

Use the coupon code EASTERSIGN at check to receive discount.

March 18, 2014

Monday Madness – Easter Chalkboard Art FREE with purchase


I know Monday Madness on Tues.  That’s what I get for trying to run a business and take care of babies all in the same lifetime (:  Thank you for your continued patients with me.  Just so you know though Monday Madness is always ready Monday at noon at the store! Occasionally if we have a big sale going on that week we will skip Monday Madness, but otherwise there is always some sort of deal going on in our “little green tin”.

This weeks deal is such a new project that I haven’t even had time to take staged pictures yet, they will be coming soon.  For this weeks deal we are offering a FREE small Happy Easter Chalkboard Art Kit with any purchase of $20.00 or more! 

Happy Easter Copy Righted



Don’t forget all the basic rules, one per person.  If you purchase your Monday Madness items online, but select store pickup please plan on picking your items up in person.  10 free plaques available online and 10 in the store.  Available until we run out or until Sunday at midnight, which ever comes first. 

To receive your free plaque follow the steps below.

1.  Add twenty dollars worth of product to your shopping cart.

2.  Ad the small Happy Easter Chalkboard Art to your cart.

3. Enter the coupon code HAPPYEASTER during check out.

March 15, 2014

Free Printable - Fancy Nancy Birthday Invite Template


A couple of weeks ago it was my daughters birthday.  She wanted to do a Princess Birthday Party, which is what we did last year.  I wanted to do a Fancy Nancy Birthday party.  I tried for weeks to convince her that Fancy Nancy was an awsome idea.  Finally I was able to win her over with pictures from Pinterest.  Hello!  Of course pictures of boas, glitter, and pink and purple EVERYTHING would convince her.  The fun thing about a Fancy Nancy party is it’s so dang girly, and…. well fancy, and with three boys and only one girl, you had better believe we went a little nuts.  My biggest regret, I hardly took any pictures of all the little details.  Luckily though I have TONS of cute pictures of the birthday girl, and really that’s what I’ll really want 20 years from now right!?  No one shows pictures of the food at the 5 year old birthday party on their wedding video.

Fancy Nancy Birthday Ideas and Free Invitation Printable

Later on I’ll share some details about what we did to decorate, food ideas and games, but for now I thought we would start with a free download for a Fancy Nancy Tea Party Birthday.  Feel free to download the template and fill it in with your info.  For personal use only. Por Favor.

Free Fancy Nancy Birthday Party Invitation Template

I rarely share pictures of my kids, but I thought I would show off at least on picture of the birthday girl herself.   I can hardly believe she is already five.  It is going to kill me when she starts kindergarten next year….she’s my little side kick.  


She insisted on wearing her Arial dress because it is totally fancy. If you follow us at all on FB than you know this girl is a total crack up.

March 11, 2014

Monday Madness – 30% off Easter/Spring Scrapbook Paper

Last week I had this fun little post already to go for Monday Madness, was already to post it, and than.....received a text from the ladies that work at the store saying, "Hey can you order some more of the Easter scrapbook paper, we are totally out." Hmmm not super convenient since you really can’t sell something you don’t have in stock.  Now though, a week later we have plenty stock waiting for you to make it into a darling craft...or scrapbook pages, we love scrapbookers too.  So late the SALE commence!

This weeks Monday Madness is 30% off our collection of Easter scrapbook paper from Echo Park.

Echo Park has these really cute mini collections that are so very helpful for making seasona; crafts cute.

Here’s a peak at their Easter collection (Currently on sale on our website and in our store).

Easter Bunnies Paper
Scrapbook Paper - Easter Bunnies

February 27, 2014

Show and Tell Show Down – Congrats to Our Winners!



It’s always fun in the Show and Tell to show of something Kim or I made.  Kim made this cute frame with our new line of St. Partick’s Day scrap book paper, (which I will try and have listed on the website by tomorrow) and a 5x7 Eleanor frame. Now on to the winners!


Congrats to the winner of our first Show and Tell, Show Down winner, Lindsay Fekitoa…one of these days Lindsay you are going to have to tell me the history behind that last name, and how the heck to pronounce it.



Now for our two votees who win the $15.00 gift card…chosen at random are, Andie Thueson, and Kimberly Harker.  Thank you so much ladies for voting!!

Ladies to claim your gift cards just send me an email at hollym@poppyseedprojects.com.

Now here’s the plan with the Show and Tell.  I love Show and Tell, it is so fun and satisfying to see what people do with our projects, but here’s the deal it is soooo time consuming. So this is the plan, Wow Me Wed. is going to move to Face Book, BUT once a month we will still do the Show and Tell Show Down on the blog.  I am trying to simplify things here, because I am a serious expert at complicating things, it’s a talent really. 

February 24, 2014

Monday Madness – 40% off St. Patrick’s Day Block Set

Happy Monday!  Almost happy Tuesday!  This week for our Monday Madness we are getting in the mood for St. Partick’s Day with out May All Your Days Be Lucky blocks.  You can enjoy this darling little block set for 40% off THIS WEEK ONLY.

Super Saturday Seasonal Block Craft Ideas - St Patrick's Day

Is it just me or does St. Patrick’s Day make you crave Lucky Charms? 


February 18, 2014

Monday Madness – 40% off Trim MDF Shaped Frames

So it’s really not Monday anymore, but I thought I would still slip in the weekly deal since they are already offering it at the store (:

Hopefully everyone had a pleasant Presidents/Valentine’s weekend.  I have to admit mine was actually kind of blissful.  My husband who works for Wal-mart, and therefore works pretty much every holiday know to mankind, actually had part of weekend off…which is about as good as it gets.   Mon. I decided to take advantage of the freedom that not having to drive kids to and from school affords and took off to West Haven (I know where the heck is that… I said the same thing) to go see my grandpa.  He was recently diagnosed with cancer and at the ripe old age of 90 he has no desire to try and fight.  While we were visiting him my two year old surprised me by climbing up on grandpa’s lap and cuddling right into him.  The look on grandpas face was completely priceless.  It was as if he had already died and gone to heaven.  How do little ones do that?  How do they just know when people need something and just what to give them?  So now that I have divulged a bit of my personal life you know why we are a day late (:

Now on to the savings...
DIY MDF Shaped Frames - Stacking Frames

For over two years now our MDF shaped frames have been a HUGE hit!  Without a doubt they are also a favorite amongst the Monday Madness fans.  So since it’s been awhile since we featured a frame I thought that this week we would offer the 8x10 Brooklyn and Eleanor Trim frame at 40% off.  If you aren’t familiar with our trim frames than you are seriously behind the times!!  Our trim frames were designed specifically for the purpose of layering.

11x14 Boards - 2 

February 12, 2014



This week for the Wow me Wed. (the official name of our Show and Tell posts) we are having our first ever SHOW AND TELL SHOW DOWN.  Kim and I have selected five of our favorite pictures from a months worth of entries, and now you get to vote on your favorites.  The picture with the most votes will win a $65.00 gift card to Poppy Seed.  PLUS we will select two of our voters at random to received a $15.00 gift card to Poppy Seed!  Through out the week we will also be accepting picture for next weeks Wow me Wed. post.  You can submit them by emailing pictures of any of your finished Poppy Seed Project crafts to me at hollym@poppyseedprojects.com

To vote just leave a comment! 

#1 – Lindsay Fekitoa Submitted this picture to show off her LOVE Antiqued Subway Art Plaque.  What and awsome job she does grouping together her cute decor. on these shelves.  The LOVE plaque looks perfect.  I also couldn’t help but notice the Heart of Our Home sign at the bottom, also a Poppy Seed craft kit.  Lindsay I hope you submit picture of your shelves with some Poppy Seed crafts on them for every holiday!!


#2 – Lindsay Gilbert.  If you read Lindsay’s blog Artsy Fartsy Mama than you know that just about anything Lindsay touches turns out darling, but I am especially in love with this little gem.  I’m always a sucker for anything layered, add a monogram to that layer and I am all in.  Lindsay use one of our 12” MDF letters and a blank Antiqued Plaque creating the stripes herself with Frog Tape.  You can read the complete tutorial on her blog.

 Artsy Fartsy Mama

#3 - Debbie Winnovich.  I love this one for it’s creativity.  Debbie took some of our scrap pieces found in our Craft Supplies sections and turned them into picture plaques.  Now that’s nothing new right?  But turning them into cute door hangers, now that’s something I hadn’t seen before.  Debbie even took it one step further and made these as Christmas gifts for the grandparents. 



#4 – Brittany (sorry Brittany I still can’t find your last name, even though I swear on my life you sent it.)  Anyway, Brittany had a brilliant idea to turn our Christmas Tree …..

LDS Christmas Craft Ideas and Projects



….into this stunningly cute Grinch sign.  I know it’s Feb., but it’s just so dang cute it still made the cut. 

photo (1) (2)

#5 – Stacy Harker – The impressive thing about this one is Stacy came up with this frame collage all by herself, and speaking from experience that is not an easy task.  I also love how she utilized what would normally be a rather awkward long and skinny space to show off pics of her kids.  Stacy used several of our MDF shaped frames including the Circle (Wyiatt) , Jaxson, Skylee, and Carson frame, plus a Brayden frame layered with the Eleanor trim,  On the sides of the collage she also hung two of our mdf letters.

  photo (36)

February 11, 2014

Last Minute Valentine’s Freebies – Tags, Printables and Gift Ideas for Valentine’s


Over the years we have collected a few really cute Valentine’s Day freebies.  Mostly some REALLY cute tags that you can print and use spice things up a little ENJOYFree Valentine Printable - Free Valentines gift tags

This was actually one of our very first Monday Madness sales, and guess what after digging through some boxes awhile back we found about 200 more of these cute little treat boxes so if you want some they are available at the store and of course online. 

The I Love You gift tag shown is a free download available in a couple of different colors. 



Next is a tried and true idea for a fun Valentine’s card for your kids to give to their friends.  We made these little hearts, let’s see I believe it was two, no three years ago.  The post has a link to a girl version and boy version.



This little baby was one of the first free printables I ever made.  I still love it, and look it’s even perfectly on trend with the red and black colors that are so hot for Valentine’s Day this year. Problem is I made it so long ago I can’t even find the original blog post, so the direct link to the download is below.

Happy Valentine's Free Printable



Last but not least is a free printable that I actually designed by request of a friend who wanted to use it as a hand out for a lesson she was doing for her LDS Young Women’s group.  Last year though I used it to make little tags for my kids presents.  Who knows where this original post is either. 






February 10, 2014

Monday Madness Returns –40% off Families Are Forever Chalkboard Art

Yeah for the return of Monday Madness!  To start things back up we are offering 40% off our BRAND NEW Families Are Forever Chalkboard Art!

Reg priced at $7.95 this week only you can purchase this perfect little plaque for only $4.77!!!

Our entire line of Chalk Board Art craft kits are perfect for Super Saturdays or just an afternoon or girls night out crafting.  Not only is the price fantastic BUT they are also incredibly easy and fast to make.  Perfect for the novice crafter, but still trendy enough to entice even the most seasoned craft aholic.

You can check out our entire collection of Chalk Board Art here.

To receive your 40% off simply enter the coupon code FAMILIESAREFOREVER at check out.  Because this is such a new project it will not be available at the store until Wed. afternoon.  10 codes available online and 10 discounted kit available in the store (starting Wed. late afternoon.)  Sale will last until supplies are gone, OR until Sun. night at midnight, which ever come first.  Please only one per person, per purchase.  If you purchase your kit online and choose to select store pick up please plan on picking up your Monday Madness items in person.

February 6, 2014

Wow Me Wed. – Show and Tell

Thanks so much for baring with me while I try to work in the new Show and Tell posts into not only the editorial calendar for the blog, but also into my life.  It seems kind of silly that it would take so much contemplating to figure out when I have a consistent time to commit to writing a post….but that is what life has come to.  I blame it on the kids. Children make life hectic..

So Wed. will be the official day, we'll call it WOW ME WED.!!!  Today is Wed. right?  Oh wait is it Thurs. already…I have been so busy working on my ..I mean my sons, science report on the Cut Throat Trout (a thrilling animal really) that I have completely lost track of time. (I do hope we...I mean he, get and A though).  But really from now on, to the best of my ability, the Show and Tell posts will be on Wed. 

Wed.  we will announce the winners of the previous week and post the pictures you've sent in via email and FB.  Just as a reminder the weekly winners are drawn at random from those entering pictures OR leaving comments on the current Show and Tell post (aka Wow Me Wed. post) AND FB posts.  Than once every four weeks we open up voting for our top five favorite entries, the winner of the monthly contest will win a $65.00 gift card. 

Show and Tell Posts

On a side note our weekly deal will go back to Mondays, because really there’s just no better way to start off the week than with a smacken' good deal.


January 30, 2014

New Valentine’s Projects for 2014, PLUS a Coupon Code

First you might be asking yourself what happened to Monday Madness??  Well with the intro. of our new Show and Tell that starts every Sun. the blog is feeling a little top heavy at the beginning of the week and kind of sad and sluggish towards the end…so I think we will be switching it to a Fabulous Friday…a nice little deal to kick start the weekend.’

Now let’s show off some of the new Valentine’s projects for 2014.  All of V-Day projects are in stock and can be packaged up for shipping or pick up with in just a day or two!

Kim got a little bee in her bonnet a couple of weeks ago and designed some of the cutest Valentine crafts known to mankind!  I have been swooning over them ever since I first saw them.  Here is a little introductory to some of these darling new projects PLUS a coupon code you can use online!  All of the new projects come in two different vinyl choices, black and red OR grey and pink.

DIY Valentine's Craft Projects - Perfect for Super Saturdays.

Kim started off by designing two Antiqued Subway Art kits.  A Cupid one

DIY Valentine Antiqued Subway Art Plaque

DIY Craft Project - Cupid Valentine Subway Art Plaque