August 20, 2012

Stinken Cute No Soliciting Sign - Tutorial

Hi everyone! I'm Stephanie from Somewhat Simple and I have a simple idea to share with you today that serves a great purpose!

Please tell me I'm not the only one who gets solicitors at their home all.the.time. You know, the ones who always come and ring your doorbell during nap time! I want to make a sign that says:


Question: How do you tell them nicely that you don't need their alarm systems, you already have a pest control provider, your vacuum works well and no, they can't clean your carpets, your water softener is fine, their petition doesn't effect you and none of those magazines are of any interest!? Answer: You make one of these...

Let me show you how I made it!

2 colors of paint, paintbrush, yarn, sticky-back hooks,small frame*
{Not pictured: printable sign, cardboard, painters tape, hot glue gun)
*The small frame I used is DARLING! It is called the Miniature Eleanor Frame from Poppy Seed Project and it cost less than $5!

  1. Paint the entire surface of your frame. I have used this light gray/blue paint from Valspar on several small projects, but I have no idea what the name of it is because it was a mis-tint I picked up for $1 and there is no sticker on it!
  2. Once your frame has dried completely, get ready to add some texture and dimension! Pour a small amount of the second color paint onto a plate and then dip the cap into the puddle and stamp your frame. So simple, but look how great it looks!
  3. Tie your yarn around the frame and secure with a knot.
  4. Cut your printed welcome sign to fit the back of your frame and tape it to the back.
  5. Make sure you tape your yarn to the center of the back of the frame so it will hang straight.
  6. Cut a piece of cardboard that fits the back and glue it with some hot glue. This is just to make the back side of the frame look nice. The cardboard I used was just cut from a cereal box.

For a free download of the Welcome Friends sign here.
Stick your hook on your window, then hang your sign and enjoy!!!
If my napping kids are woken up one more time by a solicitor, I think I am going to scream!
...unless of course they are wearing a Girl Scout Uniform and are asking me how many boxes of Samoas I would like this year. Those solicitors are always welcome.


  1. Are kits going to be for sale for the no soliciting sign?

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  3. How adorable! I found you via Tatertots & Jello!

  4. i need this!!! :) i have different signs all over the place...this is great!