Poppy Seed Projects was started in December 2007 by two friends with lots of ideas. When you run out places in your own home to create crafts for, the next step is getting them into other people’s homes! What began as a hobby with a little business mixed in has blossomed into a thriving business that still carries the fun of a hobby. We love what we do and are constantly coming up with fun, new ideas (in the car, in the shower – you name it). We are based out of Sandy, UT and are excited to keep growing!

I honestly couldn't be anymore of a typical UT. Mormon girl.  I grew up in Layton UT., went to Ricks College (I'll have none of this BYU Idaho stuff), and then to USU were I met my husband at. . .yep you guessed it- my FHE group.  We both graduated from USU in 2001.  After a few bumps in the road and some incredibly fun (ha ha) pregnancies we have three kids. 

YES I do have interests besides crafting.  I enjoy playing the piano, reading (everything from Eclipse to Jane Austen) gardening, running and traveling.  Two of my favorite destinations. . .Disneyland and the Caribean.  Poppy Seed Projects is one of my proudest accomplishments.  I LOVE operating the in and outs and designing, it keeps my mind busy, but more than anything it allows me to do that which is most important to me- stay home with my kids so they can drive me crazy!

For more information about our projects visit our website www.poppyseedprojects.com/about