July 21, 2012

Spiderman Birthday Party FREEBIE

My oldest turns seven  (SEVEN?!) next week.  I'm trying to wrap my head around that and plan his birthday party at the same time.

This kid is IN LOVE with birthdays.  His birthday, someone else's birthday, it doesn't matter, he has always had a big thing for birthdays.  Here is my proof (excuse me while I go cry my eyes out because I swear he was this little  5 minutes ago):

                                                            Jaxson, 2 1/2 Years Old

He starts planning his party MONTHS in advance, and usually changes his mind on what theme to go with about fourteen hundred times.  Last year the final verdict was a Spiderman Birthday Party.  I was pregnant and decided to keep things a lot more low key than usual.  As low key as you can be with a yard full of 5 and 6-year-olds, ha!  Birthday parties are like the mom equivalent of running with the bulls.  Even though we were keeping things pretty simple, I wanted to add a couple of cute touches here and there to go with the store bought stuff.

The hands-down kid favorite was the Spiderman Power Punch and Green Goblin Juice.  Here are a couple of pictures, but do not judge my cake decorating skills or photography.  These were taken at the last minute before the kids arrived.

Would you believe I worked at a bakery all through high school?  No?  Well me either, but its true.

I was afraid everybody would all want the same kind, but the kids chose pretty evenly.

Super easy to do if you are having a Spiderman birthday party or a Super Hero birthday party.  I just had mine printed at the 1-hour photo in Walmart (two per 4x6 print), cut them apart, and taped them over the existing labels.  I used individual Hawaiian Punch bottles, but I bet they would fit on lots of other drinks.

If you need a fun spiderman birthday idea, or even just a fun way to spruce up lunch one day :), download below by clicking on the link:

spiderman punch label 4 x 6.jpg - 4shared.com - photo sharing - download image

green goblin juice label 4 x 6_2.jpg - 4shared.com - photo sharing - download image


  1. Looked like some good planning, especially with the drinks and labels.
    WE had to organize a party in a hutty last week when it rained on everything and managed to book a kids reptile party where the snake handler brought animals along and the kids handled a few indoors.
    They still enjoyed themselves, but it wasn't cheap.

  2. Thank you, THANK YOU for making the pics of the labels downloadable! I LOVE this idea, but my hubby's computer crashed a few months ago, taking with it all the programs I usually use for designing fun stuff like this. I'm struggling to find ready-to-use printables, and these are PERFECT!! :)

  3. Spiderman Birthday Party FREEBIE! That is just great. I totally loved this post. Well dear, we are getting married and would be booking some local DC wedding venues for our nature inspired wedding party. I wonder if you could help by suggesting suitable décor inspirations.