July 23, 2012

Guest Post - Applying Scrap Book Paper to Wood Letter

Hello, my name is Heidi of Home by Heidi
I am EXCITED to be able to share this latest craft from 

I have been working on my little girl’s room for some time now, I was at the end of the project searching for the finishing touches. In my search, I came across an adorable craft offered by Poppy Seed Projects 

I knew I had to MAKE it!
What I LOVE about Poppy Seed is their crafts are simple and easy to do, and the BEST part, 
Poppy Seed offers the glue and texture cream (sold separate) to make the project as easy as a one stop shop! 
All I had to provide was the paper :)
First, I decided to add some depth to the edge of the letter so, I sprayed a little chocolate spray paint on the sides to give it that professional look (wink)  
Then I found the PERFECT scrapbook paper to match her room and got to work tracing around the letter! 
Next came some cutting, then the glue/  If you have any unwanted scrapbook paper left on the edges one of my favorite tricks is to take a high grade sand paper and lightly sand off the excess paper until you are left with an exact match to the letter.  Last of all add some texturizing cream to the top!
And Wala...Simple, Fast and 
 I haven't had a chance to hang my daughter’s letters on her wall just yet, but check out the Poppy Seed Projects finished product! ADORABLE :) (paired with their darling Personalized Bird Decal.)

Be sure and check out their website for other great projects for your home! 
hanks again Poppy Seed PROEJECTS for helping me get my CRAFT ON! :)

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  1. I absolutely LOVE your dry erase boards and love that I can get them in a magnetic form