March 15, 2014

Free Printable - Fancy Nancy Birthday Invite Template


A couple of weeks ago it was my daughters birthday.  She wanted to do a Princess Birthday Party, which is what we did last year.  I wanted to do a Fancy Nancy Birthday party.  I tried for weeks to convince her that Fancy Nancy was an awsome idea.  Finally I was able to win her over with pictures from Pinterest.  Hello!  Of course pictures of boas, glitter, and pink and purple EVERYTHING would convince her.  The fun thing about a Fancy Nancy party is it’s so dang girly, and…. well fancy, and with three boys and only one girl, you had better believe we went a little nuts.  My biggest regret, I hardly took any pictures of all the little details.  Luckily though I have TONS of cute pictures of the birthday girl, and really that’s what I’ll really want 20 years from now right!?  No one shows pictures of the food at the 5 year old birthday party on their wedding video.

Fancy Nancy Birthday Ideas and Free Invitation Printable

Later on I’ll share some details about what we did to decorate, food ideas and games, but for now I thought we would start with a free download for a Fancy Nancy Tea Party Birthday.  Feel free to download the template and fill it in with your info.  For personal use only. Por Favor.

Free Fancy Nancy Birthday Party Invitation Template

I rarely share pictures of my kids, but I thought I would show off at least on picture of the birthday girl herself.   I can hardly believe she is already five.  It is going to kill me when she starts kindergarten next year….she’s my little side kick.  


She insisted on wearing her Arial dress because it is totally fancy. If you follow us at all on FB than you know this girl is a total crack up.

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  1. I don't see the link to download this one, is it still available?