March 11, 2014

Monday Madness – 30% off Easter/Spring Scrapbook Paper

Last week I had this fun little post already to go for Monday Madness, was already to post it, and than.....received a text from the ladies that work at the store saying, "Hey can you order some more of the Easter scrapbook paper, we are totally out." Hmmm not super convenient since you really can’t sell something you don’t have in stock.  Now though, a week later we have plenty stock waiting for you to make it into a darling craft...or scrapbook pages, we love scrapbookers too.  So late the SALE commence!

This weeks Monday Madness is 30% off our collection of Easter scrapbook paper from Echo Park.

Echo Park has these really cute mini collections that are so very helpful for making seasona; crafts cute.

Here’s a peak at their Easter collection (Currently on sale on our website and in our store).

Easter Bunnies Paper
Scrapbook Paper - Easter Bunnies

Easter Journaling Paper Scrapbook Paper - Easter Journaling Paper
Easter Stripes Paper Scrapbook Paper - Easter Stripes
And here is some of our favorite projects to use the darling collection on.
The *NEW*  Easter Chunky Wood Letters.

Happy Easter Layered Sign.

Easter Plaques. Kim made these for our Easter display at the store….. and I am so going to make some for my Easter mantel that I am working on.  All she used was the Easter Journaling Paper and some of our scrap wood.  Maybe if I can pull my act together I’ll post a quick tutorial on how to make these easy peasy super…hmmm not really cheesy…cutsie plaques??  Anyway they're easy to make.

To receive your discount enter the coupon code EASTERPAPER, limit of five sheets of paper per person.  Available online and in stores.  10 coupon codes available online.  Sale lasts until we run out of supplies, or until Sun. at midnight, which ever comes first.  If you make your purchase online, but choose to select store pick up, please plan on picking up your items in person.

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