February 27, 2014

Show and Tell Show Down – Congrats to Our Winners!



It’s always fun in the Show and Tell to show of something Kim or I made.  Kim made this cute frame with our new line of St. Partick’s Day scrap book paper, (which I will try and have listed on the website by tomorrow) and a 5x7 Eleanor frame. Now on to the winners!


Congrats to the winner of our first Show and Tell, Show Down winner, Lindsay Fekitoa…one of these days Lindsay you are going to have to tell me the history behind that last name, and how the heck to pronounce it.



Now for our two votees who win the $15.00 gift card…chosen at random are, Andie Thueson, and Kimberly Harker.  Thank you so much ladies for voting!!

Ladies to claim your gift cards just send me an email at hollym@poppyseedprojects.com.

Now here’s the plan with the Show and Tell.  I love Show and Tell, it is so fun and satisfying to see what people do with our projects, but here’s the deal it is soooo time consuming. So this is the plan, Wow Me Wed. is going to move to Face Book, BUT once a month we will still do the Show and Tell Show Down on the blog.  I am trying to simplify things here, because I am a serious expert at complicating things, it’s a talent really. 

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