February 6, 2014

Wow Me Wed. – Show and Tell

Thanks so much for baring with me while I try to work in the new Show and Tell posts into not only the editorial calendar for the blog, but also into my life.  It seems kind of silly that it would take so much contemplating to figure out when I have a consistent time to commit to writing a post….but that is what life has come to.  I blame it on the kids. Children make life hectic..

So Wed. will be the official day, we'll call it WOW ME WED.!!!  Today is Wed. right?  Oh wait is it Thurs. already…I have been so busy working on my ..I mean my sons, science report on the Cut Throat Trout (a thrilling animal really) that I have completely lost track of time. (I do hope we...I mean he, get and A though).  But really from now on, to the best of my ability, the Show and Tell posts will be on Wed. 

Wed.  we will announce the winners of the previous week and post the pictures you've sent in via email and FB.  Just as a reminder the weekly winners are drawn at random from those entering pictures OR leaving comments on the current Show and Tell post (aka Wow Me Wed. post) AND FB posts.  Than once every four weeks we open up voting for our top five favorite entries, the winner of the monthly contest will win a $65.00 gift card. 

Show and Tell Posts

On a side note our weekly deal will go back to Mondays, because really there’s just no better way to start off the week than with a smacken' good deal.


Now let’s get to it.  The two random winners of this weeks $20.00 gift cards were Rachelle Callwell Clark and Yolva Meek for their comments and pictures.

Below are the official rules and ways to enter for this weeks contest.  Pictures submitted this week will actually be posted in two weeks since next week will be the voting for the top five, wow I hope that make sense.  I LOVE to over complicate things, it's a special talent of mine.

1.  Post a picture of your project on YOUR FB page and than share it with us by either posting a link on our FB page, or leaving the link in the comments of this post.
2. Email a picture of your project to hollym@poppyseedprojects.com so that I can add your picture to next weeks show and tell post. 
3..  LEAVE A COMMENT  Don't have a picture to submit?  That’s OKAY  you can still be entered for the weekly drawing by leaving a comment on our FB page and/or this blog post commenting on your favorite entries.  Not only does this enter you in the contest, but it everyone loves a little praise!
4. Share this blog post with your FB friends by posting the link on your FB page, than leave a comment below to let us know you shared.

Lindsey Gilbert From Artsy Fartsy Mama -  Lindsey got creative and used a blank Divided Plaque (on the website it is actually called the Divided Plaque with out print) to make this oh so darling You & ME sign. 
Artsy Fartsy Mama - You&MeYolva Meek:  used some of our 12” mdf letters to make this fun LOVE, just in time for Valentine’s Day

Jenny Fabrizio: Submitted to cute pictures.  One of last years 2013 LDS Young Women’s Theme block
  photo (39)
and one of the Mt. Timp Temple Picture Plaquephoto (40)
Debbie Winnovich – I love Debbie for writing up her own cut description describing what she made and what items she used to make them.  Debbie you are seriously one creative lady!
Photo 1. I used a la carte wood pieces. Print Mounting Glue and Texturizing Cream from Poppy Seed Projects to make Christmas ornaments and door hangers using my favorite pix from 2013!
Photo 2. I stained slat board and used vinyl letters to make a blog inspired Halloween countdown! The oval disks hang on pegs and count down from 31 to 0! Handmade flags, ribbon, and embellishments make the spooky décor!
Photo 3. I used MDF plaques, print mounting glue, and texture cream to mount my favorite printables. Note: There are small dots of glitter on certain points of my dandelions to make them shimmer in flight! (Can I just interject that this is one of my favorite ideas for cheap decor…we shared this concept at Snap last April).
Heather Oswald – I am always a sucker for picture projects, so of  course I love this plaque that Heather made using the Eleanor Picture Plaque.
photo (41) 
Natalie King: 16” MDF Letter

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