February 18, 2014

Monday Madness – 40% off Trim MDF Shaped Frames

So it’s really not Monday anymore, but I thought I would still slip in the weekly deal since they are already offering it at the store (:

Hopefully everyone had a pleasant Presidents/Valentine’s weekend.  I have to admit mine was actually kind of blissful.  My husband who works for Wal-mart, and therefore works pretty much every holiday know to mankind, actually had part of weekend off…which is about as good as it gets.   Mon. I decided to take advantage of the freedom that not having to drive kids to and from school affords and took off to West Haven (I know where the heck is that… I said the same thing) to go see my grandpa.  He was recently diagnosed with cancer and at the ripe old age of 90 he has no desire to try and fight.  While we were visiting him my two year old surprised me by climbing up on grandpa’s lap and cuddling right into him.  The look on grandpas face was completely priceless.  It was as if he had already died and gone to heaven.  How do little ones do that?  How do they just know when people need something and just what to give them?  So now that I have divulged a bit of my personal life you know why we are a day late (:

Now on to the savings...
DIY MDF Shaped Frames - Stacking Frames

For over two years now our MDF shaped frames have been a HUGE hit!  Without a doubt they are also a favorite amongst the Monday Madness fans.  So since it’s been awhile since we featured a frame I thought that this week we would offer the 8x10 Brooklyn and Eleanor Trim frame at 40% off.  If you aren’t familiar with our trim frames than you are seriously behind the times!!  Our trim frames were designed specifically for the purpose of layering.

11x14 Boards - 2 


Allowing you to achieve a boutique frame look at a fraction of the cost.

Brayden Frame with Eleanor trim copy  DIY-shaped-frames-painting-ideas-7

BUT they are also absolutely perfect for use on their own…



...especially when you are a little tight on space.

Holly's House - 12x12 Cork Boards 4


To receive 40% off your frame use the coupon code TRIMFRAMES at check out.  Don’t forget we do have a few little stipulations to keep things fair so that we can continue to offer these awsome weekly deals.  This weeks deal is for the 8x01 size ONLY. Only one frame per person.  If you purchase the frame online and select store pick up plan on picking up your items in person.  10 codes available online and 10 frame available at the discounted price in store.  Deal is handed out on a first come first serve basis.  Discount will last until we run out, or until Sun. at midnight, which ever comes first.  I think that just about covers it.

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