February 12, 2014



This week for the Wow me Wed. (the official name of our Show and Tell posts) we are having our first ever SHOW AND TELL SHOW DOWN.  Kim and I have selected five of our favorite pictures from a months worth of entries, and now you get to vote on your favorites.  The picture with the most votes will win a $65.00 gift card to Poppy Seed.  PLUS we will select two of our voters at random to received a $15.00 gift card to Poppy Seed!  Through out the week we will also be accepting picture for next weeks Wow me Wed. post.  You can submit them by emailing pictures of any of your finished Poppy Seed Project crafts to me at hollym@poppyseedprojects.com

To vote just leave a comment! 

#1 – Lindsay Fekitoa Submitted this picture to show off her LOVE Antiqued Subway Art Plaque.  What and awsome job she does grouping together her cute decor. on these shelves.  The LOVE plaque looks perfect.  I also couldn’t help but notice the Heart of Our Home sign at the bottom, also a Poppy Seed craft kit.  Lindsay I hope you submit picture of your shelves with some Poppy Seed crafts on them for every holiday!!


#2 – Lindsay Gilbert.  If you read Lindsay’s blog Artsy Fartsy Mama than you know that just about anything Lindsay touches turns out darling, but I am especially in love with this little gem.  I’m always a sucker for anything layered, add a monogram to that layer and I am all in.  Lindsay use one of our 12” MDF letters and a blank Antiqued Plaque creating the stripes herself with Frog Tape.  You can read the complete tutorial on her blog.

 Artsy Fartsy Mama

#3 - Debbie Winnovich.  I love this one for it’s creativity.  Debbie took some of our scrap pieces found in our Craft Supplies sections and turned them into picture plaques.  Now that’s nothing new right?  But turning them into cute door hangers, now that’s something I hadn’t seen before.  Debbie even took it one step further and made these as Christmas gifts for the grandparents. 



#4 – Brittany (sorry Brittany I still can’t find your last name, even though I swear on my life you sent it.)  Anyway, Brittany had a brilliant idea to turn our Christmas Tree …..

LDS Christmas Craft Ideas and Projects



….into this stunningly cute Grinch sign.  I know it’s Feb., but it’s just so dang cute it still made the cut. 

photo (1) (2)

#5 – Stacy Harker – The impressive thing about this one is Stacy came up with this frame collage all by herself, and speaking from experience that is not an easy task.  I also love how she utilized what would normally be a rather awkward long and skinny space to show off pics of her kids.  Stacy used several of our MDF shaped frames including the Circle (Wyiatt) , Jaxson, Skylee, and Carson frame, plus a Brayden frame layered with the Eleanor trim,  On the sides of the collage she also hung two of our mdf letters.

  photo (36)


  1. I vote for Brittany (the Grinch sign)! I LOVE THE GRINCH!

  2. A vote for #5! What a creative use of space. I love picture walls!

  3. #4,it sets the wheels spinning in my brain!

  4. I vote for #1 Lindsay Fekitoa, beautiful decor!

  5. Another vote for Stacy Harker! So cute! I love family picture displays!

  6. I vote for Stavy Harker! Love the long wall of photos.

  7. I vote for #1

    Kourtney Sa

  8. Votes for #1 by Shelby Taloa and Nicole haslam who are having trouble leaving a comment.

  9. #2 Lindsay Gilbert

  10. #2 is the cutest! Pick it!!

  11. 2 votes for Lindsay Fekitoa

    Carri Neff and Beverly Lee

  12. I vote for #1 Lindsay Fekitoa

  13. I vote for Lindsay Fekitoa

    Whitney Spear