January 7, 2014

Monday Madness – 35% off Dry Erase Weekly and Menu Planners

Funny how as soon as the Christmas decorations come down there’s this sudden drive to get organized.  I have been spending the last couple of days tearing apart drawers, making to do lists and playing catch up on things I’ve put off doing over the holidays.  Every year to help you start off the new year right we try to help you get  life organized….with style, by offering some discounts and giveaways on our trendy Organize It collection.  Our Organize It Collection features Dry Erase Calendars

as well as a collection of cork, metal and chalkboard,

11x14 Magnetic Boards with StencilSuper-Saturday-Ideas-cork-and-magnetic-boards
How to stencil a diagnol pattern11x14 Cork Boards

and some really fun and cute Chalkboard Vinyl.

Plus of course we offer the Dry Erase Weekly/Menu planners that coordinate with the calendars.  Today we thought we would start things off with the Dry Erase Weekly and Menu planners WITH the Trim Frame included in the discount.  Along with the discount below are a few fun ways to display your dry erase planners. (Thank you to the girls at My Sister’s Suitcase and Jamie at The Crafting Chicks for letting me use their cute pictures).


I love how Natalie from My Sisters Suitcase displays hers on an easel on the counted in her kitchen.


I keep mine on my fridge (although this picture is really of the fridge at the store….were we keep all of our varieties of coke and diet coke….for craft classes and to keep our staff happy!

Dry Erase Menu and Weekly Planners

My cute friend Jamie from The Crafting Chicks used velcro to attach her to her pantry door, what a smart use of space.sm-calendars-4  

These fun little planners normally sale for $12.95 (with the trim frame) but for this weeks deal you can purchase them at $8.41.

There are three different patterns to choose from….
…and four different frames.
Wall System Frame Collection copy

There are a few little rules to remember. Only one per person please.  There are ten codes available online and ten projects available at the store at the discounted price.  Available on a first come first serve basis.  Sale will last until Sun. night at midnight, or until the codes/supplies run out (which ever come first).  The only other thing we ask is that if you purchase online and select store pick up that you plan on picking up your project in person.  USE COUPON CODE HAPPYNEWYEAR to receive discount. 

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