February 20, 2013

St. Patrick’s Day Giveaway for Thurs. Craft Class


Have I ever mentioned that my husband works for Walmart?   I promise he isn’t a cart pusher, , , but he does have a pretty insane schedule. non traditional schedule.  This weekend was a VERY rare weekend for my family.  We had a three day weekend with both the kids and dad at home.  AND we were all healthy.  Pretty much a miracle right?  So please forgive me for not posting Monday Morning Madness, I kind of just got lost in the enjoyment of spending time with the fam. and decided to let it slide.  I promise to have something ABSOLUTLY AWSOME for next week. 

{Here’s a hint at what I am thinking}:



In the meantime I do have on more announcement for you local SL ladies. 

THURS. FEB 21st {aka tomorrow} is this months CRAFT CLASS at the store. 

The Craft Classes are always tons of fun, I mean seriously who doesn’t love hanging out with their girls, with no kids, tons of chocolate and a diet coke?  So put the hubby in charge for the night and join us. 

To register simply click on THIS LINK and follow the instructions. 

REGISTER BY 5:00 on THURS. and be entered to win a free St. Particks Day SUBWAY ART PLAQUE of your choice.

Luck Plaque Pinch Me Plaque

We also have these darling matching Bead Board Blocks that were a huge hit last year. 

 Luck Block


And What’s St. Particks Day with our a Kiss Me I’M IRISH SIGN?


Kiss Me Im Irish Sign

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