October 5, 2011

Three Little Stitches and a Concussion

If you follow us on FB you will know that on Mon. I posted about how long you could wait after hurting yourself before you had to get stitches.  Now people have been asking what happened.  The story is pretty funny so at the risk of making myself sound a little nuts here’s the story.  This story is especially funny if you know my husband and how kind and mellow he is.  knowing him helps you understand this was ALL ME.
I fully admit I am a little emotional these days (hey you try getting progestrone shots in your hip once a week while you are pregnant and see what it does to enhance your mood).  Mon. it was my turn to drive kindergarten carpool.  I wanted my husband to come with me, but he wanted to stay and finish mowing the lawn.  Well I took it personally, let my feelings get hurt, and got MAD.  He could tell so he decided to come and while I was gathering my stuff got Ellie in the car and took his place in the drivers seat.  I came storming out of the house to see him sitting there and was just furious.  The only thing worse to me at this point than him not coming with me is him coming because he feels obligated to.  I march over to the drivers door swing the door open as hard as I can and tell him to get out of the car. . . I don’t want him to come with me anymore.  Than I turn to leave, but not before the car door I had flung so forcefully comes right back at me and smacks me in the head.  I  black out and hit the ground.  Poor Ryan is just sitting there watching the whole thing play out,.  He can see his mad wife, can see the door swinging open and the coming back fast and hard but it all happens so fast he can’t do anything about  it and the next thing he knows I’m on the ground unconscious and bleeding.   
So there you have it.  I lost my temper and ended up knocking myself out.  I had to get three stitches and have had a terrible headache for three days now.  Let that be a lesson to you all. . . .don’t upset a pregnant women!!!!


  1. :) I just had to get "stitches" on my nose. I actually didn't want stitches because I wanted the smallest scar possible so they glued it shut. Mine wasn't due to anger though:) It was due to laziness. I didn't want to get a ladder to get something off a shelf and something smashed into my face. i too blacked out and got a double nose bleed. I am looking pretty sexy these days!

  2. I totally laughed out loud. I can see it all playing out. I love you holly! Thanks for sharing!

  3. LOL That is hilarious!! Thanks for sharing. LOL

  4. I'm so glad there is someone out there as irrational as me! Nothing makes me more mad than my husband helping me when I'm mad...and I don't even have the excuse of being pregnant. :) Glad you're ok!

  5. Oh my gosh, I am laughing so hard. I'm so sorry! Hormones are so not fun during pregnancy, but if husbands would just understand and start reading our minds, things would be a lot easier for all of us :) Hope you're feeling better!