February 24, 2013

Monday Morning Madness. . .at Midnight?


I know, I know that’s two weeks in a row that I have screwed things.  I spent most of my morning up at Primary Children’s with baby.  He had tubes put in.  U really, really, really tried to be super-duper organized this weekend and have everything ready to go by Saturday night, but ya know between birthday parties, sick kids, and a  husband that had to go in to work unexpectedly… things just didn’t work out the way I had planned.  {If only I didn’t have to sleep!  Oooh the things I could accomplish}.  We are home now and baby is asleep.  Hopefully he will sleep, and sleep, and sleep and I will be able to write blogs posts, update the website, clean my house, make dinner, paint my bathroom, sew pajamas for my kids, whip out a couple of new craft kits.  Okay not really, but I should be able to at least write a blog post right? 

Surgery went well.  Beside beings sleepy he is acting totally normai.  Here he is this morning enjoying life without siblings aka raiding Ellie’s forbidden and sacred room.  Who knows what he is wearing {or not wear is more like it}.  He looks like a poor, cold orphan baby.  I blame Dad.



  1. Glad surgery went well and he is back to normal. Don't stress out, you will eventually catch up. The things you don't get done are not important. You took care of your #1 priority who looks adorable in the pic!!

  2. Thanks Crystal. Isn't that one of life's greatest lessons that we have to learn and relearn figuring out what really matters and letting the rest go?