February 26, 2013

Monday Morning Madness…at Midnight

I’ve been up since five and it’s now past midnight. . .so this post is going to be all business.  I’m to tired to have a personality. 
This fall we introduced a new collection of projects we call or Organize It collection.  This fun collection offers affordable and stylish ways to keep you {and your family} organized.  Items in the collection include:

Dry Erase Calendars:

Dry Erase Planners
{ I stole this picture of our menu planner fromr My Sister’s Suitcase in case you were wondering}

12x12 Cork/Metal/Chalk boards meant for mixing and matching.  Oh and we have cute stencils to give your boards a little personality.

11x14 Cork/Metal/Chalk Boards, stencils also available.  Who doesn’t love a polka dot magnetic board?
11x14 Boards - 2

and Chalk Board vinyl. 
Janessa's edited. - 3 Holly's House - Eleanor Chalk Board 3

We are excited to announce that this collection is now available to purchase online! 
We will be adding products through out the week!!  To kick things off this weeks Monday Morning Madness {at Midnight} is a coupon code for 50% off ONE (and by one I really do mean just one per person, not ten, not five, not two…just one) Menu/Weekly Dry Erase Planner, with frame, of your choice.

These planners come double sided with a menu planner on one side and a weekly planner on the other.
{I stole this picture from Jamie with The Crafting Chicks}

You can purchase JUST the print for $7.95.

Or add a trim frame for only $12.95

Of course you can also purchase just the trim frame for $9.95.
{Seriously a Halloween picutre?  It is the only picture of a trim frame not layered that I could find.  Thanks again to Jamie for always taking such cute pictures, and for loving our frames}

Speaking of Jamie have I mentioned that she designed the planners and the calendars.  That girl has more talent in her tiny little delicate pinky than I do in my whole body…and she’s pretty…and she’s sweet…and she is very likable. 

Anyway, I know you…you really you just want the coupon.

Used coupon code ILOVEDRYERASE at check out. But before you do please read the info. PLEASE.

LIMIT ONE PER PERSON.  20 CODES available, {on a first come first serve basis}.  If you purchase more than one we will send you an invoice for the additional planners.  CODE IS FOR THE PLANNER/FRAME COMBO. Available in store and online. Happy Shopping


  1. I'm having trouble placing an order. There isn't a button to add the items I want to my cart.
    I'm excited you are now offering these to buy online since I live so far away!!!

  2. Jennifer, you have to click on the product, once you click on the product it will take you to what is called the large product page. On this page you must select the frame you want and than you can add the item to your cart.