January 21, 2013

Monday Morning Madness – YW 2013 Theme Projects

This one is for all you ladies planning New Beginnings, or heck for those of you who are really on top of it and are planning girls camp.  It’s also for all you ladies with teenage daughters. . .or boys, we aren’t opposed to you buying craft kits for your teenage boys.

Here is this years 2013 YW/YM Theme Craft Collection.

As always we have a block with a print. 


We did the design a little differently this year.   You can either leave the print as a square and layer it with scrap book paper, or you can cut out the circle for a different twist.

Than the always popular Mini Sign.



Than just for fun this year we did something different.  We were trying to go for something cheap and easy (hey we’ve been YW leaders we know how it goes).  So we designed this vinyl for the young ladies (or boys, we aren’t against boys) to place on their mirrors, or in their locker at school for a little daily reminder. 


Take this baby, stick it in a cute bag maybe add some candy and some tissue paper and viola how easy and cheap of a gift is that!!


Vinyl measures 5x5” which is also a perfect size for a block.

That brings us to this weeks Mon. Morning Madness.  2013 mirror vinyl REGULARLY $1.95 (which is already a rocking deal) for 50% off, which brings it to around $1.00.  Use coupone code YW2013VINYL


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