January 19, 2013

I Have a Winner, and I Have a Discount Code!

Thank you so much for all of your fun and sweet comments.  I am glad some many of you enjoyed seeing my little sister.  She is a grouch, but she is also a hoot.  When I called my Mom the other day she answered the home phone and  told me Mom was at the church learning to make really good chicken.  Really she was really running errands. . .you have to wonder what goes on in her little mind sometimes.

Also thank you to those who expressed their concerns over my baby.  He caught the Influenza B virus from his sibilings.  One thing led to another and with in days he not only had the flu but ear infections, a wicked bad yeast infection and a scary case of the croup.  He is finally feeling better today.  There were some really thoughtful comments left on my Instagram account so thank you.

Anyway. . .ready for the winner of the Love shaped sign?

Congrats too SHAYLEE GALE!!  If you want to email me at the hollym@poppyseedprojects.com we will make arrangements for you to receive your sign!

For the rest of you ladies I do have a consolation prize,  Here’s a dandy little code that will give you 15% off all Valentine Projects, (including some fun new projects I hope to have posted this week).  Code is good now until next Thurs. VDAY152013.

With your discount code you can purchase these little gems.

Hugs and Kisses Layered Sign {$12.95}


Sweet Heart Cubed Block {$7.95, kit includes large block only, small block can be purchased seperatly}

 LOVE BLOCKS {$9.95}


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