January 28, 2013

Monday Morning Madness - Come Craft for FREE!

This Monday Morning Madness is a little late, but as long as its before noon it counts as morning, right?  Holly is sick (her kid's flu finally caught up to her!) so I am filling in.

Did you know that we have craft classes at our store?  If you're local, we hold a craft class twice per month - all you have to do is buy your kits and pay the registration fee, and you are all set to come craft with us!  The cost is $5, and that includes all of the extras needed to make any kits you purchase.  Paint, stain, brushes, rag, texture cream, print mounting glue, sand paper, wood glue - all those little things you have to either buy or get out of your stash when you want to make a craft are INCLUDED.  

Excuse the lovely I phone pic

Plus we have one of our awesome teachers at the class to help you out if you need it.  If you are craft-challenged or just don't want to make a mess at your own house, this is a great way to get some projects done and go home with cute, finished stuff!  Its also a great excuse for a little night out - by yourself or with a friend, you are guaranteed two hours of interruption free crafting (that alone is worth five bucks to me, ha!).

Or crafting at Poppy Seed!

For this week's Monday Madness we are offering FREE REGISTRATION to our next class.  The class is Thursday, January 31st from 7-9.  Registration is limited to the first 20 people.  

To register for FREE, follow these steps:

1.  Add the kit(s) of your choice to your cart ($10 min. purchase for the code to work).
2.  Go here and add the Craft Registration to your cart.
3.  When checking out, use discount code CRAFT4FREE and the cost of the craft reg. will be deducted from your total.

See you Thursday!

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