February 29, 2012

Lehi’s Dream Memory Game–FHE Freebie

At the beginning of this year I was called to teach the 8-9 year old primary class in my ward.  I know this may seem strange to some, but I have always wanted to be a primary teacher, even begged a couple of time, so I was excited for the calling. 

One of our first lessons was on Lehi’s dream.   I made this little memory game for my class to play, (based on lesson 4 in the Primary 4 lesson manual.)  When one of the kids found a match we stopped to read the scriptures on the cards.  It worked surprisingly well and not only taught them the basics of Lehi’s dream, but also helped them understand what a symbol is and how it “mean” something else.  I liked the way it worked so well that we have since also used it for an FHE lesson. 

To make it possible to have three rows of four I threw in one extra set of cards, the Book of Mormon cards. 



  1. That's awesome! I'm doing this for FHE for sure! Thanks!!

  2. Is there a way to download this without having to download the different options? My computer keeps saying I have to download something in order to access it. Plus there are 3-4 different download buttons and I don't know which one is the right one. Please help I'd love these.