March 3, 2012

New Layered Frame Concept

Not only am I loving our new MDF frames, but it seems that many of you are as well!  In the past month the 8x 10 Rectangle Bracket Frame and the 8 x10 Bracket Frame with Bump, (we are seriously good at coming up with names for our products!) have become our number one and number two top sellers.
Blue Scallop Frame
Orange Scallop Frame

I think the biggest reason these frames have been so popular is PRICE!  Because we sell all of our craft projects as unfinished kits we are able to keep the price WAY down.  Purchasing an unfinished project also allows you to customize!
It is particularly fun to layer the frames.  To allow for more creativity we have been working on a line of what we are calling “frame trim”.  The idea is that you take a thinner frame and layer it on top of one of our thicker frames.
Here’s what our Rectangle Bracket frame and the Rectangle Beveled Frame look like with out the trim.
Beveled Frame with out layer copy
And here are the same two frames with trim.
Rectangle Bracket Frame with stripes
(No you don’t need bifocals, this pics a little blurry)
Of course you can still add  the 5x5 and 5x7 Bracket frames to create layers.
Isolate Beveled Frame
LOVE this look.  It so chunky, and makes such a statement, but sometimes I like being able to display a bigger picture with out so much frame, hence the concept of the frame trim.  The trim gives you the same layered look, but still allows you show off bigger pictures.
So what’s with all of the chocolate, white and blue frames?  I have been working on a photo collage for Preston’s nursery, check back for the big reveal of the final project.

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  1. I love your frames! Have you ever posted about how you've finished them? Are they painted, mod podged?. I love 'em!