November 25, 2013

Monday Madness – Set of 10 Mini Christmas Chalk Board Art, the Perfect Neighbor Gift

If you live in my neighborhood this will take some of the surprise out of what my neighbor gifts are going to be because you are looking at them. ( I know people are just dying with anticipation each year to know what I am giving them…ha, ha ).  We figured since Thanksgiving is so late this year that this would be the perfect week to offer a deep discount on one of this years favorite neighbor gift projects.
DIY Neighbor Gits

Mini Christmas Chalk Board Plaques
Reg. Price - $6.95.  Sale Price $4.17

This weeks Monday Madness is 40% off our set of 6 Mini Christmas Chalkboard Plaques.  (I know that is kind of a mouthful, we are terrible at naming things it’s like all of the creativity gets wasted on designing the project and there’s nothing left for the name.  Oh, and just as a side note, that is one of my pet peeves about when people copy our ideas/projects.  We have a tendency to come up with the most unimaginative names ever for things and people don’t even have the creativity to at least change the name.. I mean come on it was a dumb name in the first place, if you are going to copy something the least you could do is come up with a new name.  Anyway, I’m done ranting). 

The regular price of the set of six little plaques is $6.95. this week you can buy them for $4.17, that’s only .69 per plaque.  Seriously that is a pretty cheap neighbor gift.  But that’s not the only reasons these babies have already become a big seller, they are also simple to make.  Just paint the plaques, cut out the prints and attach them to the wood with our Print Mounting Glue.

Mini Christmas Chalk Board Art - With Copy Right

One last little fun thing for you.  Because it’s the holiday season…the season of perpetual hope, love, and kindness we are going to allow each person to buy up to THREE sets.  So act fast on this one, there will 10 codes available online and 10 sets available in the store, they won’t last long!  Use the discount code NEIGHBORGIFT to receive your 40% off.

Limit of up to three per person.  If you purchase your  items online and select store pick up, please plan on picking up the items in person. 10 available in store and 10 kits available online.  Sold on a first come first serve basis.  Sale will last until codes/discounted kits are gone, or until next Sun. at midnight, which ever come first.



  1. Came across your blog via Through the Eyes of the Mrs. today! So excited about the giveaway she's doing!

  2. I love this idea. It's simple but can really make a big change in a space. I like how it allows you to be creative but it's not over whelming. Love! =)

  3. Oh i love this!!! Such a great and simple gift too.

  4. Here from Through the Eyes of the Mrs -- cute stuff! Such variety :)