October 7, 2013

Monday Madness – Introducing Our Happy Collection

Clear back in July I was shopping and I came across this cute little hello word. I’m sure you’ve seen it, a cursive chunky hello that only measure about 4” tall and 8-9 wide.  I’ve seen it a couple of places since.  Well that little “Hello” is what sparked the idea for this fun little collection, something we are calling our Happy Collection. 

First there is the word Happy.  A chunky little wood piece that measures 3.5” tall, 1.5” thick and is 8” long.

Super Saturday Craft Project - Happy

Than there are the bases.  Once for each holiday.

Happy Collection

Are you getting the concept.  Paint one cute Happy word and than switch out the basis for each holiday.  Let me tell you I made one for my house and my kids LOVE it.  It’s funny how as they get older making crafts they enjoy means so much.

Of course the Happy looks perfectly darling on it’s own, just about anywhere.

Super Saturday Craft Ideas

I don’t have pictures taken, but the vinyl is designed and ready, here is a sneak peak at the other holidays… I will get them listed online ASAP.

Happy Christmas

Happy New Year
New Year
Happy Birthday
 Happy Birthday

Happy Thanksgiving
Happy Harvest
Super Saturday Holiday Craft Ideas and Projects

and of course Happy Halloween (this one DOES get a pictures!)

Halloween Craft Project Ideas 
For this weeks deal we thought we would get you started on your own happy collection by offering 40% off the Happy word AND the Halloween base.  They are sold separately so you will need to make sure you add both items (Happy and the Halloween base) to your cart.  Use the HAPPYCOLLECTION to receive your discount.

As always one per person. If you purchase online and plan on picking it up in the store please make sure you come in and pick up your own, this helps us make sure that only one per person rule (:  10 codes available online and 10 discounted items available in the store.  Deal lasts until we run out, or Sunday at midnight…which ever comes first.



  1. that is such a good question. The Happy word sales for $5.50 and the bases sale for $4.95.