October 21, 2013

Monday Madness – Beware Chalkboard Plaque, DIY Halloween Chalkboard Art.

We introduced our first Chalkboard Art Plaque clear back in April when we were getting ready for Snap.  We almost didn’t do them, chalk board art is so prevalent online and there is some seriously cute stuff.  I really just wasn’t sure if anyone would be interested in one more print.  Problem was I would lay in bed at night and all of these designs would float around in my head…keeping me up way too late, so I finally decided what the heck.  Now all these months later here we… almost nine chalkboard prints later.  It’s been fun to see the huge response. Turns out there a quite a few of us that like the look, but don’t have the ability to draw our own.  By offering our chalkboard art as an inexpensive project we’ve made it easy for people to copy the look without the hassle.  That along with the simplicity of the project has made it one of this years hottest Super Saturday projects.

DIY Chalk Art - Make your own chalkboard art

For this weeks deal we are offering our LARGE ( 9.5” x 12.5”) Beware Chalkboard Art (retails for $7.95) for FREE with $20.00 purchase!  Just follow the steps below and it is yours.

1. Place $20.00 worth of merchandise (tax and shipping do not count toward the total)
2. Add the Large Beware Chalkboard Plaque to your cart.
3. Enter the coupon code BEWARE.

Remember only one per person.  10 codes available online and 10 projects available in the store.  Sold on a first come first serve basis.  Deal will last until we are out of codes/projects or until Sun night at midnight, which ever come first.

  Check out our other Chalkboard Art craft kit options.  Each kit is only $7.95.

Gratitude Chalkboard Art
Fall Chalkboar Art - Gratitude chalkboard art

Christmas Chalkboard Art
Copy Righted Christmas

Reindeer Chalkboard Art.

Christmas Craft Projects - DIY Christmas Chalkboard Art

Farmer’s Market Chalkboard Art.
Farmer's Market Chalkboard art

America the Beautiful Chalkboard Art
Super Saturday Craft Ideas - Chalkboard Plaques, America the Beautiful

Scatter Sunshine Chalkboard Art

Hello Spring Chalkboard Art.

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