October 28, 2013

Monday Madness – FREE Menu/Weekly Dry Erase Planner with $20.00 Purchase

I thought that maybe this week it would be nice to take a break from the holiday items and feature something that can help you get life planned and organized for the holidays.


Maybe you have a totally different life from mine… things are CRAZY at the Archuleta house, (I can’t imagine there is a house with fours kids that isn’t}.  Just trying to keep the kids schedule straight just about makes me insane, there is piano, dance, singing lessons, soccer, and scouts, plus school projects and tests to study for, monthly orthodontist apts., well baby checks.. I think you get the point.  Than on top of it throw in my husband’s ever changing work schedule (he works for Walmart, you can only imagine what that’s like during the holidays) it’s no wonder I’m so scatter brained.  On a normal weekly basis I can barely keep track of it all, but throw holiday activities in there and my brain is fried.  That is why this little baby is a life saver.  How in the world did I EVER live without a weekly planner??  I just don’t know. 

What I love most about it (besides that it’s cute, and dry erase) is that I can keep it on my fridge where EVERYONE can see it so hubbie and kids have NO excuse for not knowing what going on.
Consider this weeks Monday Madness an effort to help you get your game on for the holidays.  We are offering a FREE planner (retails for $7.95) with any $20.00 purchase (they are double sided, with the weekly planner on one side, and the menu planner on the other).  You can choose from ANY of our four color schemes.  Please note, the Dry Erase Print will be free, If you want an 8x10 frame, or trim frame, you will need to purchase it separately.

Super-Saturday-ideas-Dry-Erase-planner Super-Saturday-ideas-Dry-Erase-planner-3 Super-Saturday-ideas-Dry-Erase-planner-5
Now for the fine print.  ONE planner per customer.  10 codes available online and 10 FREE planners available in the store.  If you purchase your planner online and choose store pick up, please make arrangements to pick up your order in person.  Coupon codes available on a  first come first serve.  Coupon codes will stay active until we either run our, or until Sun. at midnight, which ever come first.  Enter the coupon code IAMPREPARED to receive discount online.  Discount is given on the Dry Erase Planner only, not the frames. 

While you are shopping, you may want to check out the rest of our Organize It Collection.  There are marching Dry Erase Calendars,


Super-Saturday-Ideas-Dry-Erase-Calendars-aqua-grey-chevron-eleanor-frame Super-Saturday-ideas-Dry-Erase-planner-black-damask

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  1. I have one of these and it is soooo cute, I love it! It can be a little hard to erase, so I found the magic erasers work great on it.