October 17, 2013

15 Holiday/Super Saturday Craft Ideas Using MDF Shaped Frames

I have to admit most of the ideas below are not mine, but that is one of the reasons the time it takes for me to find good bloggers for guest posts is well worth the effort.  I am continually amazed at the incredibly genius ideas bloggers come up with using our stuff!  Below are fifteen of my favorites, every single one of them would make for a fabulous Super Saturday craft project or just an awsome project to help you waste away an afternoon. ENJOY!

15 Super Saturday Holiday Craft Ideas

#15. Photo Frame Book Ends from a Turtle’s Life for Me.
If you know anything about me you know I am a sucker for anything with pictures in them.  Combine that with a cute way to display books and I am totally in.


#14. Bathroom Hooks by Bee in Our Bonnet
This is a fun idea because it could go in so many place besides just a bathroom.  Think laundry room, mud room, entry way.  What a cut idea for kids to hang there coats and back packs on…you could even order custom vinyl and put their names on the frames.


#13. Stamped Cork Board by from the Winthorpe Chronicles.
Any time you can take something and make it your own it’s sure to be a hit with the crowd.  I do think on this one if would be fun to offer different holiday stencils and multiple cork boards.  Than people can paint cork boards for every holiday and switch them out.  If you are looking for some cork boards you may want to check out our Organize It Collection, and of course we can custom cut cork for you.  Plus all of our Antiqued Subway Art Plaques vinyl can be ordered as a stencil


#12. Personalized Cork Board by Mariah from Giggles Gallore
Same concept with a different spin.  This time you paint the frame instead of the cork. Mariah made her cork board for her daughters room.  And just incase you are wondering if people really do like the concept of personalized cork boards, this baby was the number one blog post on our blog for MONTHS.

Personalized Memo Board_Poppy Seed Projects.jpg

#11. No Soliciting from Steph from Some What Simple 
Cute and functional.  You can never argue with that.


#10. Happy Halloween Printable from me (Holly at Poppy Seed Projects)
Hey something from me!  See I come up with a good (or at least easy) idea every once in a while (:  This will really work with just about any free printable you find online.  So for your craft all you have to do is paint the frame and than find a couple of prints you like to switch out for each holiday.


# 9. Serving Tray  by Mariah from Giggles Gallore
Mariah came up with this for a Mother’s Day post.  The first time I saw it I was just amazed…I never would have even have thought of something like this.  Wouldn’t this make for a cute Christmas present for Mom, or hubby with a gift card for one morning of sleeping in and breakfast in bed.  (That’s my husband and I’s favorite thing to do for each other…let the other person sleep in.)


#8. Pallet Wood Frame Tutorial by Lacy Horrocks.
Lacy is one of the very few non bloggers that have done a guest post,  She told me about this idea and I knew it would be a huge hit.  Especially if you know how expensive it is to BUY a frame like this.  Ouch!


#7 Moroccan Frame Painting Tips Plus a FREE Halloween Printable by Ariean from One Krieger Chic
Are you getting the idea here.  An incredibly easy Super Saturday (or any craft group project for that matter) is to simply paint a frame and stick a print inside.  You could even have various holiday prints that people can switch out for each holiday.  People love stuff like that.


#6. Of course you could always just paint a frame and stick a picture in side it.  If that’s what you have in mind you may want to check out our frame painting tips and tutorials.  Four blog posts that will show you tons of tips and tricks for painting mdf frames.

#5. Merry Christmas Frame by Crystal from a Pumpkin and a Princess
I love the simple elegance of Crystal’s designs on this one.  Perfect for your front door or on a wall.


#4. Miniature Frame Neighbor Gift by Nikkkala from The Crafting Chicks
This idea went CRAZY on pinterest, it was fun to see the huge response to such a simple and cute project.


#3. Kite Door Hanger by Ariean from One Krieger Chick
This idea is admittedly a little springy, but the concept is SO stinken cute that I am sure with a little creativity all you crafties can come up with something darling for fall and Christmas.


#2. Halloween Front Door Hanger from Ashleigh with Bee in Our Bonnet.
See here’s the same concept with a Halloween spin.  i am love with the very idea of this project. SO many different things you could do.


#1 Menu Planner Using Paisley Frame by Rebecca from The Crafted Sparrow.
I just about died when I opened up this post and saw how cute this turned out.  I rarely get to make crafts for my own house (they great irony of it all), but this is one I am defiantly making the time to do…at least as soon as fall is over (;

Fancy Framed Chalkboard Menu 2-1

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