July 18, 2013

Guest Post - DIY Photo Frame Bookends

Hi, Poppy Seed Project fans! I'm Natalie and I blog at a Turtle's Life for Me where I share all the normal things that keep my family busy- baking, cooking, cake decorating, crafts, decorating and a whole lot of silliness! Summer is my favorite time for little makeovers on my kids' rooms, and it's an even better time to pick some projects that they can help out with! The project I'm going to share with you today covered both of those goals and was SO easy and fast! Aside from paint-drying time, I probably spent about 10-15 minutes total on this project! Go me!!

Photo Frame Bookends

photo frame bookends

Supplies Needed: 2 unfinished picture frames (I used the Brooklyn trim frame from Poppy Seed Projects) 4 pieces of scrap wood 8 finishing nails Spray paint 3 colors of acrylic paint 3 pencils with unused eraser.

  • Build your bookend supports out of your scrap wood. The pieces need to be large enough to keep the piece stable, but small enough that they are hidden behind the frame. My pieces for my 8x10 trim frame were about 7.5" x 5" each. Then just use 2 finishing nails to make a simple "L" shape.
photo picture frame bookends supports  
  • Place your frame flush on the "L" shape so it rests on the table top surface, then use 2 more finishing nails to attach it.
  picture photo frame bookends  
  • Spray paint the entire thing.
  • Then add confetti dots using your 3 acrylic paints. I use the pencil erasers for quick and easy dots! In fact, this is so easy that this is where I let my daughter get involved. She did all of the confetti dots herself!
picture frame book end
 There are lots of different frames on Poppy Seed Projects that you could choose from, but the trim frames are great for this purpose because they don't have a bulky back on them. This lets them sit flush against your bookend bracket and creates a nice seamless finish! That's it!! SO simple and they look adorable sitting on her desk! These could be personalized in so many different ways! Thanks so much for letting me visit today and I hope you'll swing by A Turtle's Life for Me soon to hang out some more with me!
  photo picture frame book ends


  1. I love this!! I've been looking for bookends and haven't really found what I wanted until now. This is going to be perfect!! Thanks so much!! I love it!!

  2. So so cute! Love the little dots and beautiful shape!