September 23, 2013

Monday Madness – Mini Halloween Plaques

Super Saturday Craft Projects

Remember Beanie babies?  Remember how people went crazy collecting them, convinced they would be worth something someday?  I like to think of these crazy Beanie Baby lovers when I try to rationalize my need to collect ribbon and scrap book paper.  I don’t have any illusions of reselling my drawers full of paper for cash, but I do fool myself into believing that I may use it all someday.  Recently Kim decided that my weaknesses might be directed for some good and the two of decided Poppy Seed should start selling scrapbook paper, both in the store…and now online.  Let me tell you I have had a ton of fun.

I made these fun new BEWARE letters….  

 Super Saturday Chunky Wood Letters 

as well as these SCARY blocks.

DIY Halloween Scary Banner

But one of my favorite things turned out to also be the simplest.  I took this Happy Haunting paper…


….and used some pieces from our A La Carte section in the store to create these cute little mini Halloween Plaques

Super Saturday Craft Projects

Super Saturday Halloween Craft Ideas

Which brings us to this weeks deal.  These little plaques have been such a big hit at the store that we have been selling the paper and wood pieces as a kit call the Mini Halloween Plaques.  WANT SOME FOR FREE???  This week week spend $20.00 or more on line, or in the store and they can be your FOR FREE (well at least for the first 10 shoppers online, and the first 10 people in the store to take advantage of this sweet little treat). 

These cute little graphics can either made into a banner (as shown above) or just used as cute little accent pieces.

  Super Saturday Halloween Craft Ideas
Super Easy Halloween Craft Ideas
(geez, that is such a crappy picture…but I love this Beware mini sign).

I should warn you, the wood is slightly smaller than the graphic so you do have to cut the picture down a bit.

To get your FREE Mini Halloween Plaque craft kit you will need to follow the steps below
1. Place $20.00 worth of products into your shopping card (for the code to work the $20.00 may not include tax or shipping).
2. Place the Mini Halloween Plaques craft kit into your cart
3. Use the coupon code HALLOWEENISFUN and TOTAL price of the kit will be taken off your total!! That’s a $7.95 kit for FREE!!

As always there are only 10 coupon codes available online.  There are given on a first come, first serve basis.  The codes will last until Sun. Sept. 29th at midnight OR until all 10 codes have been used…which ever come FIRST.  There are also 10 kits available in the store that will be handed out on a first come first serve basis.  Once 10 people claim them….we will be out until next weeks Monday Madness deal is announced.  Ladies this means that if you come in on Friday hoping to get some on sale, or free….you will be OUT OF LUCK!!  Deals like this don’t last! ONE PER PERSON.

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  1. Holly, I LOVE the comparison to Beanie Babies! Made me laugh out loud. If you run out of paper you can have my cases! :)