September 25, 2013

New Bulk Pricing - Spend $150.00 Save 10%

I feel like I am writing a public service announcement or something.

We have recently made changes to our bulk pricing...please don't be mad at is to make things better.

The way it use to work:  You had to order 5 or more of the EXACT SAME ITEM.  That meant the vinyl had to be the same, the print had to be the same it very literally had to be THE EXACT SAME ITEM.  We had complaints all of the time on how limiting this was.  Enrichment leaders and other planning Super Saturday type craft events frequently axed projects fearing that if they had too many options the 5 min. would not be reached.

So we changed things to allow for greater flexibility... and to make larger orders from individuals also more rewarding.

They way it works now:  All you have to do is place an order (online or in the store) that reaches a $150.00 in retail dollars (that means before taxes and shipping) and you receive 10% off.  Just use the code SAVEME10.  We don't care what you buy or how much you buy of each item...all it has to do is reach $150.00.  That means the ladies in your ward can order as many different random things as they want.  It also means that if you are just a little short you (or someone else) in your ward can throw in some personal items, like the Personalized Bird decal (you knew I couldn't resist throwing in some pictures)

or an ampersand...

a wedding present...

...a new frame?

or maybe you need some scrapbook paper, or craft paint (did you even know we carried craft paint?  Well we do).

Anyway my point is that this new discount will make your life easier and the savings more frequent.  Oh and we really don't care if the order is a personal order, or a Super Saturday order.  Either way hit $150.00, save 10%, it's that easy.

Happy Shopping.

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