June 27, 2013

Guest Post - DIY Vision Board

My husband and I keep a Law of Attraction Vision Board in our bedroom. This is where we place the goals and items that we want to attract into our lives. Our current board was too small and it needed some updating. A few months back I attend the Snap Conference; one of our craft projects was staining a frame from Poppy Seed Projects, and I wanted to use this cool frame on my vision board.

  Law of Atracttion Vision Board-Pin

Here are the supplies I used to create my vision board:

  • Bulletin board, 
  • Fabric 
  • Poppy Seed Frame
  • Wood Script words
  • Mini clothespins
  • Scrapbook paper.   
I first started by staining the bulletin board frame with the same product we used at the Snap Conference, which was Minwax Express Color. This product is a water based stain and sealer in one.

  Law of Atracttion Vision Board-2

 I did do some touch ups on my Poppy Seed Frame as it was bumped around in my travels back home.

  Law of Atracttion Vision Board-3

 Next step is to cut fabric to measure the entire width of the outside frame. Place fabric on cork board and using a straight edge (like a credit card) place edges of fabric under the wood frame. I did not glue fabric in place as now I can change out the fabric colors when the desire strikes to change things.

  Law of Atracttion Vision Board-4

 I decided the best way to hold the frame in place was to glue thumb tacks in all four corners of the back of the frame. My thoughts are not to make things permanent that way I can reuse all the items again for another project when I want to get my crafty on.

  Law of Atracttion Vision Board-5
 As the glue was drying for the frame, I began to make my Quote and all my inspirational pictures.   Law of Atracttion Vision Board-7 Mr.

DD's favorite quote is "What you believe is true for you," but I decided to use "If you can see it in your mind, you're going to hold it in your hand. They are the same premise but the second quote I liked a little better for our Vision Board. I then placed pictures of the vision we see in our future. A house on a lake, money growing on trees and coming to us easily, a speed boat to go with the Lake house, a "64 1/2" Convertible Mustang (Mr. DD's dream) and a "2014" 50th Anniversary Convertible Mustang(Mine).

  Law of Atracttion Vision Board-6

 We have taken a few things down off of our vision board, because we have achieved those visions. A great example was my brand new remodeled kitchen, that we completed 3 years ago. What about you, do you have a vision board or something similar? Please stop over to visit Designed Decor, I would love for you to visit me!     

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