July 2, 2013

Monday Madness – Large Four Slotted Frames

This weeks Monday Madness is fulfilling a couple of requests I received… a discount on the new four slotted frames.   
It’s been awhile since we have added new frames to our collection of shaped mdf portraits frames so I am excited that these new frames turned out so dang cute.
There are three shapes to choose from
The Large Eleanor Shaped Frame

The Large Jaxson Shaped Frame.
**This it totally a side not, but I have a funny story about this picture.  The frames is resting on the mantle in my family room.  I placed it up there to take a picture and decided I really like how it looks.  The plan was to leave it, but switch out the pictures so there was one of each of my kids.  Life has been so crazy that I haven’t had time so those pictures of baby Preston are still there…you should see the looks I get from people when they come into my living room.  It looks like I have a shrine for my baby set up on my mantle. . .not a single picture of my other kids in site (:  I really do love my other kids just the same.**
Last but not at all least is the Large Square Brayden Frame.  I don’t have a picture ready for this one, but I think with a little help you can imagine what it looks like.  It looks just like our other Brayden frames. . . 
Blue Rectangle Frame Blue Square Frame
a regular square or rectangle, but this one has space for four 8x10 pictures like the other ones.  I do have a particular fondness for the Brayden frames because the simplicity of them allows you to do some really fun stenciling.
  5x7 Damask Frame Stencil
Even though there is not picture this one is still available to purchase online.
These frames are rather large measuring at a 27” square. Each slot fits an 8x10 picture.
{Just in case you are wondering that cute ampersand sign is the beginnings of a new line of wood letters}
Regular price on these frames is $44.95 for an unfinished frame.  This week we are offering a 30% off coupon for one frame.  That brings the price to $31.96!!
Just so I am super clear that means that you have to choose ONE of the three frames above, not 30% off each frame.  (:
Use coupon code NEWSHAPEDFRAME. 

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  1. lol Love the comment about the baby pics! We had done some remodeling and had not gotten our pics back up again, then my step-daughter got married and she had given us a few pics all framed to match our new colors. All of the other kids & grandkids would come in & were like we know who your favorite is! lol So trust me dug those other pics & reframed them quick! They all know when ever 1 of them is over they are always told they are our favorite & we tell it to all of them!