April 18, 2013

Guest Post - DIY Spring Frame Using Spring Subway Art

Hey Poppy Seed fans! I'm Megan from Crafter Club
I am SO beyond excited to be over here at Poppy Seed projects today! How adorable is their stuff? 

I LOVE the wacky frames that are so 'in' right now, don't you? There are so many things that you can do with them, not just use them as a frame. I wanted to switch it up a tad with my frame, a bright idea came to me one day to subway art a frame! That way that I could use it as a frame still, yet it gives me the look of subway art that I LOVE. Perfect, right?! I ordered my frame and vinyl, and it was shipped to me super fast. 

Supplies needed:
 *Paint and paint supplies
*Frame  I used the 5x7 Skylee Frame from Poppy Seed.
*Vinyl(not pictured) - Poppy Seed has a some spring Subway Art Vinyl that can be purchase as a vinyl only kit that would work perfect for this projec.
*Tulle and Fabric flower(optional)

Paint your frame the color of choice, and let it COMPLETELY dry.

Once it is dry, figure out how you want your vinyl to be placed. Then apply your vinyl via the instructions given by Poppy Seed. 

Be careful with your vinyl, especially the cursive and smaller fonts. If you don't watch closely, you may lose a letter...or two. So go slow and pay attention.
Once the vinyl is one completely, you can chose to add any embellishments you would like. I went with some tulle, a fabric flower, and some paint dots to help with some spacing issues I had created (from not paying close enough attention...oops!).

I L.O.V.E how my wacky subway art frame turned out! 
I adore the curves, the wordings, and the bright cheerful color!

 Thanks for following along today Poppy Seed followers! If you like my frame as much as I do, follow me on my Blog, Twitter, Facebook, or Pintrest and let me know what you think!

And a special Thanks to Poppy Seed projects for being truly a great place to shop 
 with amazing products! Check them out and see what fun thing you can create!

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