April 21, 2013

Free Spring Chalk Board Art Printable

I love Spring!  Really who doesn’t?  But I think if you live in a snowy area like Ut. where the weather is at best chaotic you have a special appreciation for Spring.  When the tulips and grape hyacinthia’s start to bloom….
Spring Flowers

….my heart just feel lighter and I start to get in decorating mode.  Yes I said decorating mode.  Nothing inspires me to liven things up like Spring.  Last year I shared a popular post on Tips and Tricks for Decorating for Spring.  This year I’ve already shared the Top Five Spring Projects , but I thought I would also share a free Chalk Board Spring printable with you.  This is also one of the projects that we did during the craft class we taught at Snap this year.


Besides just handing over a print I also that this was the perfect opportunity to introduce you to a new product line of scrap wood pieces that we will be carrying online and in the store.  This product line is exactly what it sounds like, scrap pieces of wood that can be used for any project.  Over the next couple of months we will be posting some fun and inexpensive project ideas for these wood pieces. 
In the above picture I took painted a board black and than mounted the chalk board print with our Print Mounting glue.  I than texturized it with our Texturizing Cream.  {I’ll whip out a tutorial for you later this week with details and pictures}. If you would like to duplicate this look you will need.
But you could also just stick it in a frame.
Here’s the link for the free printable in a 10x13 (the correct size for the scrap wood) 5x7 and 8x10.

Hello Spring

Please DO NOT use this print with the intent of reselling it in anyway, but if you wanted to print out several for a large craft event like a Super Saturday, be my guest.  The scrap wood pieces are only $7.95 for a 13x10 piece of wood.  I printed my print out at Kinko’s in black and white for only .41.  You would still need to purchase the Print Mounting Glue and Texurizing Cream paint and brushes, but still even with those expenses you should be able to pull of an impressive Super Saturday craft idea for under $10.00 {maybe just a tad bit over}.



  1. Love this! It is the perfect spring quote and so beautiful. I am putting together a round up of fresh spring decorating ideas on my blog Lovely Etc. this Wednesday and would love to include your printable (with a link back here of course).

  2. Your printable is just beautiful!! Have a lovely day! ~ Jamie