January 7, 2013

Monday Morning Madness – Valentine Door Decal

Heeeellllllllllooooooo there friends!  It feel like I am just starting back to work after a long vacation. 

Oh wait, that is exactly what I am doing.

Christmas was so wonderful.  For the last four years, (ever since Poppy Seed came into existence) my holidays have been stressful, and honestly not so fun.   The theme for my holiday season this year was simplify. I put waaaaaaaaay less pressure on myself this year and guess what, it was awsome! (It also helped that I wasn’t pregnant).   I spent tons of time just playing with an enjoying my children.  So please forgive me for never getting the Show and Tell post up.  I LOVED all of your pictures, but sometimes mama needs her babies.  Hope your holidays were also spectacular.

I am ready for 2013! 

There are some fun things ahead for Poppy Seed. 

The future looks bright and cheerful, what more could you ask for to start out a new year? 

Keeping with the theme of simplify I am going to make one little change to Monday Morning Madness.  Instead of the posts going live at nine, they will go live sometime between ten and eleven, my life will be so much happier that way.

Now who’s ready to starting thinking Valentines?  I mean seriously who doesn’t love those little conversation hearts? 

Well to help you get started this mornings deal is a $2.00 Hugs and Kisses Door Decal.  We intially designed this to go on a door, but it also looks really cute on a board.
 vday upclose
vday door 1

FINE PRINT – In order to make this deal available to as many people as possible PLEASE only ONE PER PERSON/PURCHASE.  

(Sersiouly please, please, please do not purchase more than one.  If you do than we have to email you, and send you a refund, and than you are like, what but I want like 20 and we have to like, well no you can only have one, and than you are upset and we feel bad, and Monday Morning Madness takes on a more literal meaning).

Available in store and online.

Don’t miss our other fun Valentine projects.  Here are a few of our favorites.

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