December 3, 2012

Guest Post from the CSI Project

Sorry to mix things up, but Monday Morning Madness sale will be posted tomorrow at 9:00 am.  I have some awsome stuff planned but need just one day more to get things PERFECT.  In the meantime ejoy this fun post from Dee showing some fun uses for our Texturizing Cream.  See you tomorrow!!

Hi there Poppy Seed Projects readers! My name is Dee and my blog home is The CSI Project.

I am the crafty one behind the blog and my wonderful husband is the techy side who hears all of my blogging goals and makes them come to life. We are a family of 6 so we live crazy, busy lives. Creating and blogging keep me inspired!

My mission is to encourage you to Create.Share.Inspire so every week we do just that on the blog. Each week is a new challenge from crafting, to DIY, to cooking and even photography from time to time. Come by every day for a great tutorial and then you can link up and take part in the challenge.
Who knows you may take home the top pick or be in the Top 10!
I am so excited to be guest posting here today. Poppy Seed Projects is my favorite site for craft kits. When I am planning a Girls Night Out, I go here. Today, I wanted to show you some of the probably have made from my craft kits and a tutorial.
I attended an event here in Arizona called The Glitter Academy and Poppy Seed Projects was a sponsor and we all got to make a craft with their products. I was beyond excited to do this. Good food, crafty friends and Poppy Seed Projects!

I chose to make the "Hello Sunshine" sign because my wonderful husband, Mr. CSI, calls me his sunshine and even sings me the song to me. It is my favorite thing. At the event, the wonderful women from Poppy Seed Projects helped us each step of the way as we made our signs.
I love mine!
To order your own kit like mine, go here.
Then, I decided I wanted to do one of their temple art classes. So, I signed up for one in my local area and I am so happy I did. My instructor walked me through the whole process and was kind enough to offer up her home to me and 5 other women. It was a great day and I made this amazing art of the Salt Lake Temple. So beautiful and a great addition to my home!
This was complete DIY, from the print to the frame. Poppy Seed Projects makes this easy for you and gives you everything you need to make it.
What makes this project great is the texturizing cream. This stuff rocks!
After applying this to the temple art, I was amazed at how beautiful the artwork turned out. Now, it looks like I have a very expensive piece of art in my home and it was DIY. I made it and I can take pride in that.
Now, I wanted to show you a tutorial on how to make their signs. When you order your kits, you get wood and the vinyl. I chose my vinyl and knew I wanted to make a sign for my daughter who is in Young Women's now which is a apart of our church.

I also ordered the texturizing cream.
First, start off with your wood board and texturizing cream.
You are going to rub on your cream first. You can do this in so many ways. I used a rag and made circular shapes. You can do straight lines, circles or what ever you choose. At the end of the project, you will be able to see this fun design so be creative with it.
Let this dry and apply a 2nd coat. You can also use a foam roller or brush. I used a rag.
After that dries, pick your paint colors. You will paint it a base color. Then, another color that you want your letters. The last color is what you want the sign to be.
The base color will come through after your sand down your sign at the end.
You can do it that way or the way I did. I knew I wanted my letters white so I just painted it white and went on to my next step.
Too bad you can't see and touch the texture. It is really cool.
Now, it was time for my vinyl.
Be sure to go over the vinyl before you apply it with a credit card, driver's license to make sure it will peel off.
Then, line up your vinyl on the wood and start peeling off as your work your way down.
After all of your vinyl lettering is on the board, it is time for that final paint color to go on. I chose orange, her favorite color.
Simply paint.
Let that dry completely for about an hour or so.
After that dries, you are going to peel off the letters.
At the end, you will have a cute sign.
I waited 24 hours to sand mine to get a more distressed look. Just sand the edges and let that base color come through.
The sanding also made the orange not so bright and that is what I wanted.
I am so happy to be stopping Poppy Seed Projects today. If you can't tell, I love Poppy Seed Projects for home decor and to share with my friends for craft nights.
I invite you to come visit me at
You can also come see us our new site
This is the same crafty mission as The CSI Project but it is a blog for kids by kids. If you have a crafty kid, head on over and have fun!


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