October 10, 2012

Stepping Up Frame Gallery *NEW*

Introducing the newest addition to our frame gallery collection – STEP IT UP
You would not believe (or maybe if you have tried something like this you would) how many months it took me to figure out this frame gallery!  The end design looks NOTHING like what I started out with . .  .BUT . . I LOVE IT!!!  Take a peek at our newest frame gallery and see what you think.

Obviously it was designed to go up (or down) a staircase wall.

Stepping It Up Frame Gallery -1 copy
Stepping Up Frame Gallery copy

11x14 Eleanor Frame with vinyl

I love being able to see random pictures of my kids at all ages every time I walk up the stairs.

Brayden 5x7 Damask Frame copy
{Brayden 5x7 Frame}

Plus is was fun to dig up some pictures from our past that I hadn’t seen in awhile

Brayden Frame with Eleanor trim copy 

I wanted to make sure that the collage had a good mix of shapes, sizes and patterns. . .

Collage copy
{Top Right: Eleanor 8x10 rectangle frame with Brayden 8x10 trim, painted using floral quatrefoil vinyl as a stencil.  Bottom

. . . but ultimatly I wanted the pictures to take center stage.
Eleanor 5x7 damask copy 
Stepping It Up Frame Gallery 3 copy

I can honestly say this frame collage in one of my favorites things in my whole house!

Here’s a List of the Frames Included in the gallery.
  1. 1 –11x14 Eleanor Frames
  2. 1 – 8x8 Brayden Frame
  3. 2- 5x7 Brayden Frames
  4. 1 – Paisley Frame with four slots
  5. 2 – 5x5 Brayden Frame
  6. 1 – 4x6 Eleanor Frame
  7. 1 - 8x8 Brooklyn Trim piece used as a frame
  8. 1 - 8x10 Brayden Frame
  9. 2 – 8x10 Eleanor Frame
  10. 1- 5x7 Eleanor Frame
  11. 1 – 11x14 Brayden Trim frame used for layering
  12. 1 – 8x10 Eleanor Trim piece used for layering
That is a lot of frameS for one glorious frame collages.  And of COURSE the gallery can now be purchased online. 
To celebrate the release of this new gallery we will be offering TEN coupon codes for $20.00 off a purchase of $100.00 or more.  Once again there are ONLY TEN available, once those ten have been used up the code will automatically expire!  We don’t offer discounts this good very often so they will go fast!  Use the code STEPITUP to receive your discount.



  1. Just love it!!! Amazing job.
    Please could you tell us or even show all the painting-diy you used on your frames?
    Thanks a lot!
    Bianca Tomazeli

  2. This is gorgeous Holly! I love all of them!

  3. Thank you ladies. I wish I was as good as a photographer as Nat and Holly. That would be such a useful talent for me to have (: Biance, YES I will try and make up some tutorials while I work on my next photo collage (one for my hall way).