October 15, 2012

Monday Madness

Who loves a good deal?  Seriously. . .who doesn’t?   Well to give all of you little bargain hunters something to look forward to Kim and I have excited to announce a fun little event we are going to start called Monday Madness.  Every Monday at 9:30 a.m. we will  post an AMAZING deal for both customers online and in the store.  When I say amazing i mean AMAZING,  I am talking some of your favorite frames for only $3.00, and Home Accent vinyl for DIRT CHEAP!  Sometimes there will be a limited numbers of these deals available and sometimes they will last all week, so you will want to make sure you check in with us right at 9:00 a.m.  Now this does mean that we will be pushing back our guest post to Tues, so don’t forget to check back tomorrow for this weeks darling idea.

Ready for this weeks deals?

Deal Number 1: Spend $50.00 or more online OR in the store and receive a pack of these cute little spiders FREE, yep FREE {VALUED AT $6.95}.  In order to qualify for the free spiders the order must total $50.00 before tax and shipping.  Limit of one set of spiders per person, per purchase.  The spiders measure about 2.5” each.   
Spider Set of Nine 

When I designed the spiders I purposely made them kid  friendly.  Just think of the fun your kids will have placing these spiders all over the house.  On the fridge, sliding glass doors, windows, front door or even the toilet.  You house could be creeping and crawling by the end of the weeks.  Nine just not enough?  You can purchase more spiders for only $6.95.

Deal Number 2: One of our favorite Home Accent Vinyl for the holidays: TRICK OR TREAT door vinyl (you could also use the vinyl to make a darling sign) for only $2.00, yep that’s right $2.00 dollars while supplies last.  LIMITE ONE PER PERSON.  Please make it possible for us to continuing to offer these awsome deals by not abusing them.  IF YOU PURCHASE MORE THAN ONE ONLINE WE WILL SIMPLY REFUND YOU FOR THE EXTRA VINYL PIECES.

Now we are kind of springing this on our staff at the store so while we do have a couple of Trick or Treat door vinyl, the spiders will not be available until Tuesday.  

Looking for more spiderific fun?  Check out our new spider web, and corner spider web. 
Spider Web copy Corner Spider Web copy

Both Webs measure approx. 12 in across and come with those weird little lines so that you can create fun images like this. . .
Spider Web with Spider

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  1. Here it is Thursday morning and I was happily surprised that I could still get the trick-or treat door vinyl. SO cute. Yay! At the $2 price, a really good deal for a fun accent, and limit one , I thought for sure I was too late. Wondering now if the reason I could still get one is because like me, people were surprised to see that shipping was $9.95. Can this be right? Didn't order :(