July 28, 2012

From Frame to Wreath Guest Post

Hello there!  I'm Ashleigh and I blog with my sister over at bee in our bonnet!  We write about all of the projects, baking and craziness that takes priority over laundry!  We were lucky enough to meet the ladies of poppyseed projects at SNAP!  They are so fun and were such great teachers at our class.  We became instant fans of their products and have a wish list/idea list a mile long.

I'm excited to share a little Halloween project I made with one of their frames.  (This is the only time I will be 3 months ahead of the game in my holiday crafts...I'll go back to procrastinating in a sec.)  I've seen lots of frames turned into wreaths so I knew the poppyseed frames would be perfect for a 
wreath-ish situation on my door.  

I am completely in love with the Jaxson frame!  I want one in every room of my house.  I feel like you could make it look formal and classy or cutesy and fun, depending on how you use it.  I went for the cutesy look this time.  It came unfinished (and ready for endless possibilities).  

I gave it a few good coats of orange spray paint.

Then I gave it some subtle stripes with a pearlized glaze.  The stripes can look almost white or almost non-existent depending on the angle you look at it.  I used blue painter's tape to make this quick.
I had grabbed this ribbon from Costco about a week before this project, not knowing what I was going to do with it.  But I knew it would look good with anything Halloween.  It looks like a roll of spiderwebs!  I also got out my stash of cheesecloth because that gauzy stuff reminds me of mummies.

I made a hot mess of this stuff and it resembled a bow-ish thing. 

Then I found these little clip-on spiders at Michael's and knew they were the perfect finishing touch for my Halloween door.  They are already attached to a clip.  The stars were aligned to make this easy!

I clipped them right onto that ribbon and cheesecloth and called it good.  

This is basically one of the easiest projects I've done.  The frame is so stinking cute to start out with, that anything you do with it will turn out awesome!  

I'm already scheming to repaint this once Halloween is over.  I have so many other ways to make this look good and so many other holidays.  Can you imagine this polka-doted at Christmas!?  I sort of want to paint it silver metallic too.  I may as well just order a couple more!

Thank-you to the Poppyseed crew for having me on the blog today!  Thanks to this fun frame, I'm ready to greet my trick-or-treaters.  Never-ever have I been so prepared!  Wooohooooo!

Ashleigh this is DARLING.  I think this would be a HUGE hit as a Super Saturday project for all of those on the look out for a cute project.