May 22, 2012

Teacher Appreciation Freebies

Well just to show how self absorbed I can be I just figured that since my kids don’t get out of school until after Memorial Day, that nobody else did either.  I did also take my sisters kids into consideration when I made that assumption, they are on year round and aren’t out until July.  So I apologize that this is a little late for many of you, but here is a short list of freebies that we have listed on the blog for teachers.
Subway Teacher Print
Description Teacher

Teacher Appreciation Card
Teacher Appreciation Card copy
The Greatest Gift You Can Give A Child Print
Teacher Appreciation Printable - Grey copy
Available in red, turquoise and grey.


  1. I cant get the The Greatest Gift You Can Give A Child Print to download.

  2. hmmm something seems to be wrong with the downloads on the 4share. I'll take a look and see what I can do. -Holly