May 10, 2012

Kids Craft Tutorial–Darling Fridge Magnets

Okay so I actually meant to post this before Mother’s Day because it makes such a cute gift for Grandma, I even made my family wait in the car while I finished editing it before we left for Disney Land, BUT than I scheduled it to post on the wrong day!  Pretty awsome of me.  It’s still a fun craft to make with the kids though.

I took my kids into the store and let each of them choose on of our miniature frames.
Red Scallop Ornament

The frames fit a wallet size picture.

Than I let my kids paint their little hearts out (one of their favorite things to do).


Than I added a magnetic strip to the back.  My magnetic strips where not so awsome so I had to add lots and than used my hot glue gun to glue them on. Last but not least I added the pictures (which I simply taped into place)

And TA DA, you have a cute fridge magnet.  Who wouldn’t love to hold their papers in place with one of these!


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