August 12, 2011

Charity Never Faileth Bookmark

Have we ever mentioned that Kim is the second counselor in her wards RS Pres.?  Not something she goes around announcing to people and she’s probably going to be embarrassed that I’m mentioning it here.  The reason that I bring it up though is because of the effect that it has had on some of our conversations.  Over past six months we have talked with a new awareness about the role RS plays in the lives of women around the world and in our own wards.  We’ve also talked about the need for cute hand outs for church (:  With that in mind I created this book mark. 

I have always LOVED the RS motto.  Nothing could be more encompassing of the role women play in the lives of their families, their wards and their communities.  It inspires me to be kinder, more thoughtful. . .and just plain better.
Charity Never Faileth - Bookmark copy

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  1. Thank you for your creativity...makes RS so much more fun!