July 22, 2011

New Picture Plaque Vinyl

Well I think that we have all had a chance to read about the winners of the Girls Camp Contest (:
Let’s move on!  In preparation for the opening the store we have been designing LIKE CRAZY!  Now we need your opinion on some things, so over the next week get ready to cast your votes!
The first item I need your opinion on is the picture plaque vinyl.  We have had TONS of requests for some cute words to put on the picture plaques.

Finally a couple of weeks ago I had some time to design some.  The concept behind the words is that you can either leave the embellishments OR simplify  the look by cutting them out and throwing them away and just using the wording OR cut the embellishments out and than use the wording in one place and the embellishment in another.  Anyway the point is to get creative.
Here’s pics of the wording we have so far.

Eternity -2 copy

Family copy
Love copy
Here’s were I need YOUR VOTES!  I have designed TWO CHERISH and can’t decide which one to go with.
Cherish #1 Cherish -2 copy
Cherish #2
Cherish copy
Pick your favorite and cast your vote!
VOTING STARTS NOW!  And will go through Mon. morning.  We will choose a winner from the votees to win a FREE PICTURE PLAQUE AND THEIR CHOICE OF VINYL. 

Want more than one chance to win?  Here are the ways you can be entered.
1. Cast your vote
2. Like us on FB
3. Become a follower on the blog
4. Leave a comment on any posting or picture FB
5. Leave a comment on the blog for a post other than this one.

Don’t forget to leave a comment on this post for each entry!


  1. Love # 1 as well. You gals have been busy. They all look fabulous!

  2. I really like #1. It's a little more sweet than sassy! rawtruegrit@hotmail.com

  3. I left a comment on your Sunbeam plaque :)

  4. I like #2 best, but they're both great!

  5. I love the whimsy of #2...I Liked on FB and I'm now following you too! Ready to get my craft on!!

  6. I left a comment on your 4th of July tag post. I should have thanked you sooner!!

  7. I commented and like you on FB