June 30, 2011


Some of my favorite memories as a teenager are from girls camp. The songs, getting poured on, the latrines, and of course...the crafts! When I was 12 I made a BE-yootiful mauve and country blue bird house at girls camp, complete with tole paint flecks and big, rafia bow. My mom was nice enough use it as a decoration in our upstairs bathroom (that only my brothers and I ever used). I loved it though and was proud to see my birdhouse on display.

We want to make sure that other girls have the chance to catch the crafting bug at camp! Even though we're a little late in the season, hopefully there will be enough wards out there still going to girls camp who can benefit from this fun contest! To enter, please send an email with 50 words or less telling us why your ward deserves to win. Include a picture of your girls if you want to! We will select our finalists and post them here on Tuesday so people can vote throughout the week. Our winner will receive their choice of 50 FREE YW'S CRAFT KITS to make at girls camp.

Email temples@poppyseedprojects.com before Tuesday at noon to enter. Good luck!

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