May 23, 2011

Revised YW Poster

A big SORRY on this one.  Here is the re-edited version with the correct wording.  Thank ladies for helping us catch that so quickly.

Theme poster damask copy

As stated in the earlier post this poster was created an 11x14, but you can of course print it in a smaller (or even MUCH smaller version if needed). 
We’ve already had such great feedback & have been sent so many great ideas.  We would LOVE to hear your plans and ideas for the poster! 


  1. I want to print this in a 16x20 any way you could send me one that size?

  2. I would love to print this as 16 x 20 if possible.

  3. I would love a 16x20 also if possible. Thanks so much!

  4. Could you please send me a 16x2 as well? Thank you!