November 16, 2013

PRE – hOliDAy chRiStmAs SALE INFO !! - 10 Christmas Gift Ideas

Before we even get started let me just head off all the questions about an online sale.  YES we will be doing one!!  We would never leave forget about all of our out of state friend.  The online sale will start at 9:30 am on Friday Dec. 6th.  Because of some limitations with online sales, the deals will be a little different than the store sale.

Pre Holiday Sale 2013

Below are all the deals and steals that will be available at this years Pre Holiday Sale.  All of our sale items focus on projects that make AWSOME Christmas gifts.  Just as an FYI this sale will be taking place of our annual Black Friday saleWe will still be open the Friday after Thanksgiving from noon to four for our visitors from out of state, but we won’t be having any big sales that day.

**Besides all of the deals below we will also have TONS of clearance items, including displays, overstock vinyl and projects, discontinued projects, and a ton of other stuff we just need to get rid of!!  We will also have some fun door busters.  So that the deals and steal can be spread around as much as possible there will be a limit of one door buster per person.**

I am going to be doing this post a little unorthodox, I will be adding new deals to it through out the weekend, so check back frequently!

We will be offering LOTS of great deals on our Neighbor Gift Projects:

GIFT IDEA #1 - Mini Signs .  They aren’t all pictured, but Kim redesigned most of the mini signs and even added a cute Reindeer Crossing Mini Sign.

Super Saturday Neighbor Gift Ideas

GIFT IDEA #2 - Treat Boxes.  I have made these a couple of times for the ladies I visit teach…ad a bag of chocolate covered cinnamon bears to one side, and their favorite pop to the other and YUM, you have the perfect gift.  They would also make wonderful teacher gifts.

GIFT IDEA #3 - Mini Christmas Chalk Board Art: Set of six - 40% off

Reg. Price for Set of 6 - 6.95.  Day of sale $4.17 for the set.

GIFT IDEA  #4 - Elf Dust and Reindeer Treat Bottles.  This is one of the easiest neighbor gifts I can possibly think of.  Fill the Reindeer Treats with M&M's or other candy pieces.  Fill Elf Dust with powdered Sugar and Cinnamon or Chex Mix, add the sticker to the bottle and ta da...that's it!  

Reg. Priced at $2.50 per bottle day of sale - $1.50 per bottle.  (Online they are listed as a set, but in the store we sale them both ways, as a set or individually).

GIFT IDEA #5 - Chalk Board Art 40% off.  These little babies are some of our easiest projects to make.  The look darling as decor around your house and are perfect gifts for the ladies you visit teach, friends at work, sibilings ect.

Chalk Board Art will include some BRAND NEW designs that will be introducing right before the sale, including this little baby.....

GIFT IDEA #6 - Turkey Hand Print Craft Kit. Okay so this is really a Thanksgiving gift idea, but since we will still have almost a week until the big day we thought it was appropriate.  Plus what a fun project to do with your kids, nieces and nephews, grand kids or whomever you will be hanging out with Thanksgiving weekend.  On sale for only $1.95 (reg. price 3.95)

#7 - Believe Sign.  I love the idea of this one for people like your siblings because it can also be customized with the saying "The Bell House" (or whatever last name you want), and than, "This House Believes". Plus the design is something that both mom and the kids will love. (customized option will not be on sale.)

For the sale we have a limited number of these signs in a HUGE limited edition size available for only $10.00!

Gift Idea #8 - MDF Shaped Frames 15% off.  

I don't know of a mom, grandma, sister or mother in law that doesn't love frames.  Stick a picture of your cute kids in it or slip in a cute holiday printable that she can switch out with each season.  Why your at it you may want to pick one up for you too!  And yes I promise a million times over we will make sure the frames are part of our online sale as well.

Gift Idea #9 - Dry Erase Menu/Weekly Plan and Dry Erase Calendar

The Dry Erase Calendar will be one of our door busters.  We will be selling the dry erase calendar print for $8.00.  The menu and weekly planners will be 50% off.  One per person

Gift Idea #10 - Doll Beds, another door buster.  We will have ten of the Doll Beds on sale for $10.00 (reg. $21.95).

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