November 2, 2013

Guest Post - DIY Cute and Functional Organization System

Hi friends! My name is Erica and I get to co-host a little event called The Ruby Retreat: a weekend to get away, get pampered and do crafts galore! Swing on by our site and maybe even join us one day!   I’m a creative addict... sewing, painting, decorating, organizing- you name it! And I have a sad confession to make... I like new things. Scratch that- love new things. Crave new things! My home interior is no exception. Before our daughter was born I was a looks-over-function kind of gal, but now? Now I need something beautiful AND functional! And I think I’ve found it in this fun little project using some awesome Poppyseed products!!   I’ve dreamt of having a home organizational “hub” for months now, but all the hubs I’ve seen aren’t... me. I’m in the middle of redecorating several spaces and I saw this as a perfect opportunity to make my dream hub AND create a beautiful new, (functional!) use of space.

Here’s what I used:

  I was so excited to start this project that I totally spaced taking pictures of the bare plaques and frames... so [visually] we’ll jump in midway through the process.

chalkboard paint

First: the painting. I sprayed the plaques with chalkboard paint and my handy spray paint nozzle thing. If you’ve never used a handy spray paint nozzle thing- it will change your life! Mine was maybe $6 from a home improvement store. SO WORTH the investment! And I texturized & painted the frames using one of Poppyseed’s super helpful tutorials and a foam brush. I also painted the chicken wire and then let everything dry.

Then, I traced the Square Eleanor Plaque onto a sheet of cork and cut it out very carefully. No need to rush this- cutting small sections at a time is the best! I sanded down the rough edges and painted it Poppy Seed's lovely Robin Egg's Blue.

close cork

The chalkboards and cork boards were looking a little... dull for my taste. Not enough color. So I hand painted colorful borders around the edges. This is where your handy Thin Round Brush will come into play. Again, slow and steady wins the race. If you lay the outside of your hand on the center of the plaque while you follow the curves of the edge, it will help your hand be steady and line to come out smoother. I did two layers and as you can see- it’s not perfect! But luckily, you can only tell if you look closely.

hand painted
Once everything was dry I used a staple gun to attach the chicken wire to the back of one of the frames, making sure to stretch the chicken wire so it laid flat and wasn’t wavy in the center.


Last but not least, I slipped an adorable dry erase weekly planner into the second frame and voila! The most beautiful hub I’ve ever seen!


Can’t wait to hang this beauty up!!


As I look at that photo my heart swells with the urge to be organized! Beauty has a way of motivating me.   Don’t forget to swing by The Ruby Retreat or check out my online store: Beauty Unveiled.   Thanks for having me, friends! Be brave, be creative!


  1. This is awesome... I too have been looking for a "hub" for my hubby's work stuff and want it to be cute as well as functional and since I need to have it in our dining room right now, this is awesome!!!! Thank you!!!!

  2. I do believe I am going to have to make one of these once the holidays are over. I absolutely love the idea and my old organizational chart is kind of in need of replacement!