July 24, 2013

Monday Madness – I Love to See the Temple Layered Plaques

I know I am a day late on this one.  I put together this project over a year ago, so I assumed I had pictures.  Well you know what happens when you assume things …

Anyway no pictures meant the projects had to be made, photographed, edited and listed online.  Joy for me.  So here we are a day later and a day late BUT, everything is done.  Hope they were worth the wait.

Super Saturday Craft Ideas - Layered LDS Temple Plaques
This week we are offering 40% off our **new** Layered Temple Plaques.

Super Saturday Craft Ideas LDS Temple Projects

Super Saturday Craft Idea - LDS Temple Projects

These layered Temple Plaques are available with the Logan Temple {shown above}, or the SL Spires {Below}. 

LDS Craft Projects - LDS Temple Craft Kit

We wanted to kind of test the water and see how popular the project is with the general public before we added a whole bunch more.  That means if you love it let us know!

Project is available with charcoal, white, black or NO vinyl at all
  Super Saturday Craft Idea - LDS Temples

With Vinyl the project is priced at $14.95 {sale price $8.97}, with out $12.95 {sale price $7.77}.

As always there is a limit of one PROJECT per person.  10 available online and 10 in the store.  Use coupon code PERFECTTEMPLEPROJECT at check out for your discount!

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