June 15, 2013

Last Minute Father’s Day Printable – Banner and Block

Just incase you are looking for some last minute Father’s Day gifts and decor I have two fun projects that I created for the kids.  The first is a printable that we used for the Father’s Day Blocks that we made for our Kids Craft Class last Tues.  (The next class is this Tues. the 18th at 10:00 am., we will be making Road Trip Chalkboard Plaques).  This is an update on a project that I did a tutorial on a couple of years ago.

Last minute Father's Day ideas and a free printable.

The print we used for the class is a small 3x3.

Hero - Dad- Black and White

but I also have a large 5x5 version if you want to stick it in an frame, and of course we need a version for Grandpa!

Father's Day Last Minute Printables 5x5 Grandpa

The second is a cute banner that I made up for my own kids to color for Dad.  Both of these projects are meant to be something the kids can color.

I have to admit I didn’t come up with this idea on my own.  I first saw the picture below on pinterest and followed the link to one of my favorite website, supermommoments.com (one of THE most awsome websites/blogs). 


I LOVED their banner from the instant I saw it and don’t want to pretend for a minute that I can improve on anything they have designed, but I know my oldest son…. and I know how bugged he would be to not be able to color the letters, so I created a version just for him. (The awsome color effect that you are seeing in the picture is because I ran out of ink….of course right.)

last minute Father Day Banner

The kids LOVED being involved in making something to decorate the house for Dad’s big day.
To make it easy to print from your home computer I broke the flags into three different pages so they would fit on an 8.5x11 sheet of paper.

Dad Banner 1 0f 3


Dad Banner 2 0f 3

Dad Banner 3 0f 3


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