June 18, 2013

Guest Post - DIY Jewelry Hanger from Poppy Seed Cloud Sign

DIY Jewelry Hanger

I've been working hard on getting my jewelry organized. My current necklace hanger was getting a little too crowded with only three hooks. So, thanks to Poppy Seed Projects, I made a super cute and very functional jewelry hanger.

DIY Jewelry Hanger
DIY Jewelry Hanger Supplies

8" x 27" MDF shaped sign (sign shown is the Poppy Seed Cloud Sign)
9 screw hooks
Grey paint
White paint
2 sawtooth picture hangers

This was my first time working with the photo texture cream. I watched Holly's video tutorials before using it so I knew what to expect. It was really easy to use, and I love that you can do any kind of pattern with it to create texture.

Just dip a light cloth into the cream and smear it on the board. I decided to do a messy diagonal stripe pattern. That way if I messed up, no one would notice. I let it dry for a few hours. You'll know it's dry when the texture cream is clear and not sticky at all.

Next, I added a coat of gray acrylic paint (spray paint would work fabulous, too). I ended up painting 2-3 coats, letting each coat dry completely before adding a new coat.

I waited overnight before painting the board with white acrylic paint. I ended up painting 2-3 coats of this color, too, to completely cover the gray. Make sure each paint coat is completely dry before adding a new coat, otherwise you could mess up your board when sanding.

When the paint is dry, sand the board. The gray will start to show through with the texture. Sand a little at a time. You can always take off more if you think it needs it. Hard to fix if you over-sand.

Here's a view of the entire board after sanding. I love how easy it was to give the board a worn, vintage look. The texture cream is really one of my new favorite products!! I can't wait to create more with it.

Next, I measured out where the hooks needed to be placed. To use up the space better and give it a little character, I moved every other hook higher than center. After marking the board with a pencil, I used my drill to make holes for the hooks to screw in.

Before adding the hooks, I attached two sawtooth picture hangers on the back so the jewelry hanger could hang on the wall above my jewelry stand.

Since the holes were pre-drilled, it was easy to screw the hooks into the board. Just screw them in tight, with the hooks facing up. Easy, peasy.

DIY Jewelry Hanger

Last, but not least, place your jewelry hanger on the wall and hang your necklaces! I am thrilled with how the jewelry hanger turned out, and am now a lot more organized when it comes to jewelry. I have a lot of necklaces, and this jewelry hanger is big enough to hold them all with room to spare.

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  1. This is AWESOME! Lindsay, you're amazing. It looks so good!

  2. I love this!! I was just thinking I need a bigger thing for my necklaces. This is perfect! Love it!!

  3. This is another great project from Lindsay!