June 29, 2012

Tutorial–Let Freedom Ring

Alright so here it is, not one but THREE tutorials, the first two go into more detail on how to make the Antiqued Subway Art Plaques using the Texturizing Cream.  The second is specific to the Let Freedom Ring plaque.
Please save your applause for the end be prepared to be wowed by my incredibly professional video talents (HA! HA!)

If you are still craving more info. about the Antiqued Plaques and the difference between using the traditional vinyl method opposed to the Antiqued/Texturized method you can read about it here
Supply List:
1. Let Freedom Ring Antiqued Plaque Kit
2. Texturizing Cream
3. Terry cloth rag, cut in fours
4. 200-250 grain sandpaper
If you are using acrylic paint you will also need a foam brush
If you are creating the two toned look on the top layer you will also need painters tape.
It may also be helpful to have a squeegee on hand to help with vinyl application.
Banner Red by Krylon ( Lowe’s or sometimes Walmart )or Apple Red by Rust-Oleum (Home Depot)
Aqua by American Accent or Rust-Oleum (Home Depot).

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